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July 18, 2014


Barbara Anne

Ah, perhaps your wee thread catcher can retire to the gentle duty of being at hand for applique thread catching? If not, perhaps Eva's small fingers would find it perfect for an accessory for a doll?

Love your new thread catching bucket! I use cracked but favorite coffee cups to catch threads. They are really easy to empty and don't tip over. Thanks for the tutorial link, tho!!

Cheers that the arrival of this 2nd lot of extra brown fabrics will let you get back to Metro Hoops.

How are Grandpa and Ozzie doing these days?


Kathy ... aka Nana

I need a thread catcher! Thanks for the link ... I'm off to print it out so I can gather supplies! Can't wait to see your finished Metro Hoops top!

Ginney Camden

Your little thread catcher is adorable. . Maybe it could be used for a thimble holder for hand quilting. I do love the big one!


Adorable thread catcher!


That is so funny! I broke up with my thread catcher/pin cushion combo thingy I made several years ago. I felt a little guilty, like I didn't want anyone to know. Confession is good for the soul!

Janet D

Too funny, I have the same little thread catcher that has just become a cute shelf ornament - for the very same reason! Adorable but impractical. I looked at the one from Tara and was considering it, you've sold me!


Ha! I agree it was too small and I don't do near as much sewing as you do on a daily basis. Your new fabric bucket is darling and the perfect thing to use up some scraps.


I put a large yogurt container inside my cute fabric thread catcher then it is easy to empty, looks cute and stands upright like a soldier!


you know, i've been wanting to break up with my thread catcher for's time to make something bigger and more useful! have a lovely weekend and stay cool. ;p


I like your new thread catcher. I made do with a small shopping bag. I hook the handle over the back of my chair (a ladder back) and toss it when full.

Diane Linford

I really like the thread catcher. Great size for snippets too, as you said, which I somehow seem to accumulate. Thanks for sharing.

Judy H.

I love my little thread catcher, like the one you broke up with, but that's because I do a ton of handwork, and would otherwise leave little ends strewn about everywhere! I do have a much bigger one next to my sewing machine.


That's great! I love my thread catcher too!


All I can say is "adorable"! Love your new thread catcher.

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