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July 23, 2014



Why do we love them so?! You made me remember when I was first married and had a new puppy. The Welcome Wagon lady had come to call and I was sitting in the living room serving her tea, trying desperately to be refines and polite and adult when in runs my little pup with a pair of my panties in his mouth!

Kathy ... aka Nana

Oh my! That's too funny. And puppyhood is the major reason we're still dog-less. ;-)

Barbara Anne

Thanks for the morning laugh! What a hoot! Ozzie certainly knows how to lighten the mood and look how he's just waiting for you to give chase! :)

Hope that lacy garment isn't any worse for the ... unexpected journey!



I was thinking yesterday how much I missed your dog and decorating blog post so I went to the right side and re-read some old ones! Thanks for the updates.

Sherry V.

I was wondering how he was doing since it seems like it has been quite a while since you mentioned him.

My mother has a Boston Terrier (with epilepsy no less) that is about 7 years old. . . .that dog runs, jumps and plain ol' bounces 95% of the day. It has been a never ending blur trying to get a picture of her. . . .but she keeps my parents entertained.

Have a great day!

Mary Kastner

OMG that is a hilarious picture. What a crazy dog! Laughing is the best way I can think of to start my day-thanks!



That is just too funny! I think you should caption the picture with "Hey Ma, I think you lost something!"


Oh boy...this picture brings back memories of my Dakota. He would run in to the laundry basket, grab a pair of my undies, then run all over the house flinging them back and forth and over is head!!! I would try to chase him down but I was laughing so hard (at the same time)....well you get the picture. Thanks for posting and giving me a good laugh!!

Sue Babich

LOL! This picture is priceless !


Ozzie, you've still got it, Boy! He's really progressed since his shoe & eyeglasses days! Thanks for the morning funny!

Miss Jean

I must have said it a thousand times.... I love that dog!!!


My dachshund Bailey who is 15 months old has a particular obsession with that particular garment as well. Can't figure it out, but you just have to laugh!


DAMN IT!!!! BRAS ARE EXPENSIVE!!! There, I yelled at Ozzie for you. ;p

What a little stinker! My dog goes into my sewing room and dumps the trash can to find paper to chew on. she does this on a regular basis. oy! ;p

Diane Linford

I'm still giggling.

Sinta Renee

Mistaken for a leash???


Was he telling you something? My bad boy looks the other way and tries to walk past me at a real fast pace if he has something he shouldn't. He isn't brave enough to just walk up to me with it in his mouth.

Lynne in Hawaii

Thanks for sharing the laugh! Great way to start the day.

Judy H.

I'm lucky -- my dog has a thing for my socks. Much less embarrassment potential. :)


Omg that's so funny!!! I love your posts and Ozzie :)


that pic of Ozzie made me laugh out loud - what a character he is! Rose (Cocker Spaniel) has a 'thing' for socks - if I have visitors I often find their socks hidden around the house when they have gone....


OMG, funny! By comparison, my old dog's bite/scratch/lick and then rub himself on the floor and furniture is far less amusing!

Helen storer

Got to love a dog , my labradoodle is always stealing clothes shoes nickers night clothes etc never damages them just deposits them around the house. Gets the out of laundry basket. Ozzie is a character!

Deb Myers

whatever happened to sophie~ ozzie's playmate???

Liz A.

oh dear, this brings back memories of old was summer when we got her and she was a tough girl to house train so I left the back door open a lot....she used to steal all my bras and take them outside....I sure miss that rotten girl. Later in life she was a tomato thief -- she never met a tomato she didn't try to steal....

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

LOL he makes me laugh too! :-)

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