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August 27, 2014


Barbara Anne

What a charming sunflower! I, too, love the look and feel of wool applique and Stacy's fusible method seems to be the cat's meow. Love your fabric choices, too. Oh, dear! Now you need to add bookoodles of wool fabrics to your stash ...!

I wait with interest to see your new Steady Betty. Isn't learning from fellow students just the cherry on top?


Mary Kastner

That is adorable. Stacey really has cute patterns. Can't wait to see Steady Betty. I do love to appliqué.


Sue Babich

What a adorable Sunflower !
I have just started wool appliqué myself and really enjoy it.
Looking forward to hearing more about your steady Betty
I use the June Tailor Quilter's cut n press boards for everything. I like the hard surface when working on these boards when piecing quilt blocks :-D


My goodness! For once I have a sewing tool before you have it. I love my Steady Betty! I bought mine to have in SoCal for my commuting Granny Nanny gig.

Miss Jean

I've been wanting to learn wool applique. A gal recently moved to our area and is teaching a class next month at our guild. I can't wait! She uses glue to hold down her pieces so we'll have to see how that works compared to fusing.


I love the look of Buttermilk Basin patterns. I'm fairly new to wool and have only made a firecracker candle mat (from a different designer) but I learned from other applique projects that fusing is best!

I first saw a Steady Betty at our LQS before it closed. I never purchased one but saw how handy they can be.

Jennifer Gwyn

I have wanted to do one of these wool projects as a candle mat for a friend ... one of these days! I was fortunate enough to buy a large Steady Beaty board at my LQS when they were liquidating a couple of years ago. I use it all the time on top of my ironing board to press out my pieced sections. The fabric won't move at all underneath your iron, but you can burn that foam cushion stuff if you aren't careful with where you set your iron down afterwards (yeah, I know this)...

Diane Linford

Nicole, your trip sounds fantastic! Thanks for sharing it with us. I look forward to seeing more.


I love wool too! Table mats are quick and fun. Beautiful job there!

Kathy ... aka Nana

Sounds like you had a productive (and fun) sewing adventure! It's awesome when we can learn from our fellow quilters at a quilting getaway/class ... a double win!

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