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August 11, 2014



Oh, I feel you! Just recently finished a project that didn't turn out as I had hoped. It's really discouraging, isn't it? All that time and $......oh, well.

Here's to hoping we both have wonderful NEXT projects!


I see what you mean with the close up of the points - but it is very pretty from afar!


I love the picture of the quilt hanging on the design wall. But, I agree, those points not matching up would be a huge issue for me as well. I'm not sure I would have gotten it as far as you have! But I say get it quilted because quilting hides a lot of issues. And if you really can't live with it, donate it to a worthy cause - like a family who lost their home because of a fire. Someone would love it even if you don't. (I've done that with more than one of my quilts)


Maybe that is why Jenny does all that beautiful quilting on her quilts. Everyone is too busy looking at that to pay any attention to whether points match or not. At least I'm not looking at that! I think the fabrics are very pretty and you will be happier with it once it has some fancy quilting.


How frustrating, especially when it looks so good from a distance. Maybe a very narrow lattice (not pieced) so the pieced windmill blocks really do float? But you probably don't want to unsew what you've done (I certainly wouldn't).

Kathy ... aka Nana

I see the points issue close up, but honestly, who's going to look that closely? ;-) But it's so very gorgeous when viewed from a distance! It's a shame when a project doesn't turn out quite the way you'd hoped, isn't it? :-(


If a guy on a galloping horse............

Barbara Anne

You are so right that Metro Hold the Lattice looks beautiful!! It's imperfections really get lost in the wonderful circles and fabrics so I hope you get it quilted. I suspect you're right about the function of the lattice.

I remember the glorious quilts I viewed at the Houston International Quilt show when I lived near there. When looking closely at the quilts each year, I found that some points were lost in seams or didn't match, but the overall effect for each quilt was the eye catcher. The imperfections didn't matter - except to reassure me that perfection wasn't the goal.

What a bother when a project turns into annoyance, trouble, and frustration so that it loses its joy. I hope you come to love this happy quilt. I imagine Miss E loves it!



Yikes, what a mess! I don't remember having issues with my points but it would be just like me not to notice, I better go check! LOL!!


The overall effort is worth a finish, I think, Nicole! It is very very pretty and whether the points all match may matter less to you when it is lovingly displayed over a chair or sofa.


From a distance it looks great!


I bought that ruler, I'm giving it away:/ Quilting should be relaxing and fun. Too much to worry about when using this ruler.

Sue Babich

Well I think your quilt is GORGEOUS !!!!
The fabric is busy enough to keep your eyes focused on the fabric not the points. SO glad I did not buy this ruler


I love it. Love the look of it and the colors. I don't think this is a pattern I would have any success with but I sure do love your. Hope you have it quilted and then maybe you will fall in love with it again.


damn. i hate it when a project turns into a disappointment. :( been there. done that.

on the bright side: what debi said, "if a guy on a horse galloping by..." ;p


Agree with a previous commenter.... The galloping horse rule applied = not an issue. I think your quilt is pretty. I like the overall look of this pattern. Why not frame a quilt with some blood sweat and tears involved. All part of the process, I believe, while learning new things. Sometimes we are just plain hard on ourselves.

Miss Jean

It must be a really difficult pattern if you can't make it perfect. You are such a great quilter. Looks fine from afar.

Mary Flynn

I know you are so disappointed because your piecing is always spot on perfection. Just goes to show we are all not perfect. LOL, its still a beauty!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

It is very pretty from across the continent, Nicole. I hate it when I've worked hard on a project and am disappointed in the outcome. Best remedy: Start the next project!!


Love the quilt! Maybe buttons or small appliqued circles over the point intersections would add a fun design element and make you feel better.

Nancy in Utah

I think it is far too gorgeous and too much hard work to not have it quilted Nicole! My sis in law is a long arm quilter and she says that most people are far more satisfied with quilts that they view as "problem quilts" after the quilting is done. It hides a lot of the problems and often pulls many of the 'off set' intersections together. Now, having said that, I think you are more like me and even though "most" people won't ever know the issues exist, we know where all the problems are and they still jump out at us. But still, as I said, I think it is absolutely gorgeous. If I tried something like that, nothing would match up. I have a real problem with curved seams. Hugs...


So sorry your project isn't turning out the way you hoped. I've had that happen and it sure is disappointing. Since it isn't completely finished yet maybe you can still salvage it. Maybe the buttons another commenter mentioned, or yo yos?

Judy H.

I understand your frustration because I know how it can get when it's your own work that doesn't come out, but even the close up shot looks good to me. Is this one you'll like better in a month or so? Or, do you have a wall you could hang it on where no one would be able to get a close look at it? It really is lovely.


Your quilt is lovely and the fabrics you chose are perfect! The points are fine! You especially won't see anything once it is quilted and I hope you quilt it!!!! It will be beautiful in your living room.

Jennifer Gwyn

You are being way too hard on yourself woman! That is a beautiful quilt and if you don't want it, just send it over to me. I'll get it quilted! The fabrics and pattern are really great. Imperfections or not.

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