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August 28, 2014


Barbara Anne

I once saw a sign that said: "When the ground shakes, all bets are off,"

I'm glad the damage wasn't worse!

We had friends who were in the huge Alaska quake of 1964 and the cracks in the earth, the shifted streets and buildings were amazing - and scary. Years ago I was in a little quake of the New Madrid fault in Memphis that scared the dog and cracked our porch step. We've had two small quakes since being here, too. That's odd because my family has been here for 400 years and there are no family stories about earthquakes.

Do you still have that dining room table?


Diane Linford

It's funny, like you said, I think we become jaded to the disasters we're used to. I grew up in California and I say give me an earthquake over a tornado or hurricane or massive flooding any day. They're all terrible, but I think we panic more about those we are not familiar with.


So glad to hear you & your family are safe & sound after the earthquake! And that your friends' damage was fairly minimal!


I was in class at Cal State Hayward in 1989. When we all started to make a bee line for the door, the TA told us to get back in our seats because she wasn't done with the lecture. We all sat back down until class ended at 6:00 p.m. Amazing. old buildings. on a hill. amazing we weren't hurt. ;p


I was living in San Jose for the 1989 earthquake and I have to say the best part was the comradery that developed between neighbors. People really do come together in a tragedy and do amazing things.


Growing up in California I don't remember the fire but the earthquake drills in school.....and yes....always under the table like your daughter! Glad to hear you didn't have any damage from this one....


Earthquakes are not normal here in central WA but I have felt a few tremors through the years. Our daughter experienced the 2000 quake in Seattle. And one in S. CA in her high rise work building in 2007. She has had her fill of those experiences.

On a "quilt " note.....I signed up for " The Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival" class through Craftsy. We will be sewing 10 or so blocks per month. Karen Walker has broken the blocks into groups and has measurements for all the blocks needed, with instructions. Also, there is a Facebook group set up for those signed up for the classes. I had started this quilt several years ago and remembered you blogging about your start as well . Thought of you and wanted to invite you along if you have time or are interested. ( My start had fizzled back then so am getting a "revival" of interest again. :-) )

Have a good weekend.

Phyllis in Minnesota

Just another reason why a fabric stash is better than a wine stash!!

Stay safe............


I have felt a couple of quakes here in Ohio. They were just enough to rumble the ground. I remember I was sitting on the floor of the living room and felt the rumble move from front of the house to the back of the house like wave.

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