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September 09, 2014


Lisa D.

I love that quilt! It's Darcy and it wasn't a Buggy Barn class, it was when you, me and Thelma stalked Carrie all the way to Wisconsin! Fun times!

Pam P

And the fabric is Halloween Night by Minick and Simpson :) Super cute! You should definitely use it this year!!

pam hansen

The time is right for this little project to come out! As I recall from your previous posts you've put in several hours of top stitching. This little topper will be done in no time. And what fun to have traveled to Wisconsin for a workshop/playdate with quilting friends.
Hope Carrie schedules some workshop in CA as I would love to attend.

Barbara Anne

What a delightfully fun discovery and just the perfect time of year! You can have this quilted in no time at all. Won't Miss E love it?!

Had you found it at another time of year, you might have tucked it away again for "later".

Don't I remember that you have a marvelous OP quilt done in these colors?



Definitely needs to be finished for use in October which means I must got off my keister and go upstairs and work on the one I have been planning for Halloween for a couple of years now!


I remember this! I loved it then and I love it now.

But... I think this was the workshop in Illinois - the Guild in St. Charles. Or Rockford. A city in Illinois. We had dinner with Monique, Joyce and Sue and if memory serves... I think that was the first time you'd met Monique. LOL

It was a good time. :-)


That Schnibble has quite a story behind it!! Now you HAVE to get it finished! Be sure to make a label to remind you of its history!

Debbie R.

It's far too easy for projects to get buried. Seems like you found this one just in time to complete it for its intended purpose. Hurray!


I enjoyed the comments regarding this quilt's background and trip down memory lane. What fun for you all.

Yes, time to get it quilted and bound for next month!


just straight stitch that puppy and put it to good use! ;p

Jennifer Gwyn

Ditto Ina!


Love the quilt and all the comments! Too bad you weren't on Instagram then to chronicle where you were, enquiring minds want to know :)

Sue Babich

I remember this fabric !!!

How cute is this quilt :-D

Just in time to enjoy for Halloween


The fabric is great! I'm sure you'll get it all quilted and put it to use this upcoming Halloween!


It's great! I love Halloween quilts. I agree that a few straight lines and this will be quilted in no time.

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