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September 12, 2014



I missed out on that one and I was bummed. I did see a picture on Joanne Figueroa's IG feed of a quilt she was working on that looked great too so I am thinking I'll try to make that one.

Mary Kastner

That quilt is so dang cute. I saw it on Thelma's blog and Carries's as well. You are a lucky girl. I am so jealous,of your sewing time. We are moving and it is utter chaos around here getting the house ready to sell. it goes on the market next week so hopefully I will get some sewing time back (if I can control the mess factor of course). have a great weekend.



Coming together and you are a quick sewer......must be that new room ;)))


That quilt is working up fast! Looking forward to seeing it finished.

Debbie R.

You sure do work quickly. Two days in your sewing room. Sounds blissful. You accomplished a lot on day one. Looking forward to seeing the beautiful results of day two.


Dang girl! You're fast... in the best possible way, of course. lol

Background - if you can't find the polka dot from Midwinter Reds, my second choice was the Pindot in Ice Cream from American Jane. It's a Basic fabric and it's one of my absolute favorite fabrics - it goes with everything from Denyse Schmidt to Reproduction. It's available at

Now stop reading and go finish your quilt! Have a terrific weekend!


fabric mix reminds me of the halloween spools kit i bought from fig tree last year at PIQF. ;p

Barbara Anne

What a cute quilt and, of course, I'm once again blow away by the speed at which you dive in and make blocks!!

Love that search!

AMIL is in in-patient Hospice care.


Sue Babich

I hope Carrie list more of these kits ! I have just been online for the last hour and I am having a very hard time finding any of the fabrics you suggested :-(


Love those yummy colors! I snoozed and it was sold out before I could snag one. I have my pattern though, so will rummage through my stash for fabrics that will work. You always get me sidetracked :)


Looks and sounds like fun! You have a lot accomplished in a short time!!


Wow, you are making great progress. I did order the pattern the day I saw on Thelma's site but now I'm going to be hunting fabric! Love it!

Tina Chamberlain

I love Carrie's quilt and the kit! So fun that you got one. I don't know how to contact you privately about a quilt that you finished in 2012. I'm wondering if you would sell a pattern that is no longer in print. Please contact me at tchamberlain1atbresnandotnet



Hi Tina, the email address in your comment above is not valid. I tried to figure it out, but was not successful.


I slapped my hand from pushing the send button for this one. I must be realistic in what I can piece for myself vs what I have to quilt. *wink* I love the spiderweb quilting in those open blocks of this one too! Part of the reason I wanted the quilt! LOL I'm impressed how far along you area already too!


I ordered Lucy the day I saw the quilt on Thelma's blog but didn't order the kit. After seeing your close-ups, I "need" to find some of the fabric. Those are great choices of fabric. Thanks for suggesting I'm going to a quilt show in my area in a couple weeks so-o-o-o now do I looks for fabric there or go ahead and order the ones I have found.....decisions, decisions!!

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