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September 05, 2014


Mary Flynn

I enjoy seeing your diversity in these styles. I love your lily one as it matches my decor but my heart skips a bit to see the new design."I'm with you in all the excitement of that coming together perfectly! Enjoy your weekend.


But it sounds like so much fun!

Barbara Anne

Dearie me! It's a wonder you're not dizzy from spinning from Idaho Lily to Flowering Snowballs! Both are simply charming and applause for you for choosing perfect fabrics and sewing so precisely!

If I were to buy just one curved piecing template, which would you recommend?

I'm a bit in the plodding mode as I need to finish a few things up ... sigh!



I love the Lily but the Flowering Snowballs look fun too! I do the same thing hopping back and forth between projects...I do think I either have ADD or is it my old mind trying to tell me I have to get All those projects done, so get busy!

Jackie H

Your flowering snowball block makes me think of tropical beaches and sunsets - it will make a great summer quilt.


it's called pulls at you. it fills your thoughts even when you are doing other's love. we are so lucky to have a hobby that fills our hearts and our time with joy. ;p


Both are great projects so I understand the Schizophrenia. They are quite different from each other.

Debbie R.

Idaho Lily is lovely. But I can see why your heart is skipping a beat over your Flowering Snowball in September. It's gorgeous!


I'm really loving both too! It would be hard to pick a fave :)

Bev Blair

Where did you find the pattern for the flowering snowballs?

Kathy ... aka Nana

I just love the Idaho Lily and am tempted to give it a try. I've never done machine applique, but perhaps I can just do freezer paper needle turn applique instead (unless I can get a class in the very near future - ha!).

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