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September 11, 2014



Very nice. Love the red pineapple quilt; will look forward to seeing that one finished.

Barbara Anne

Love the light and the space you have! That huge design wall is the best! Cheers for your good idea to move the table to its new position as that will make the room even more wonderful to work in.

Can you envision large, tall storage cabinets flanking the window on the right and perhaps on the left, too, if there's space for it between the window and the closet door.

You should see my tiny, crowded sewing room - or perhaps not!

Thanks for inviting us in!

AMIL's condition is sadly unchanged.


Paulette Doyle

WOW!! What a lovely sewing room!! It's perfect!

Tracey Holzer

Oh that Pineapple Quilt is gorgeous! Those cupboards would be really hard to part with, but you've done a great job in your new space.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Wish I had that nice big window in my sewing room. I have a little dormer window that doesn't let in much light at all. Love your sewing room.

Jennifer Gwyn

Love that space Nicole! I need to put up a design mini-wall above my ironing board too... perhaps my kids won't notice that I'm slowly taking down their baby pictures to put up quilting items. That's what hallways and dining room walls are for anyway, right?


it looks wonderful! so glad you have a house you love again...maybe when eva is older she will sit and sew with you. ;p

Sandy M

I feel your pain on find the right layout for the new space. I am going through that right now as well. I had an 13x13 room with a walk in closet as my sewing room in my old house. I now have moved to a smaller home and my room is 11x10 and although I have a wide closet it is single width and the layout is awkward. I actually removed the doors of the two closet entries (it's a long closet with two doors... No idea WHY they would do that instead of a double door). I like to face out in my sewing room since I have a TV I can put up on the wall but the smaller room is really making things quite cramp. I just started sewing in it this last week and I think the layout will need a bit of tweaking.
Hopefully this new layout will work for you.


I do love your space - the grander studio was ideal; but your new room also looks very workable. As mentioned before, I just have my dining room table, and storage boxes in the corner of a couple rooms. But my day of "empty nest" will come one of these days.

Sue Babich

I really like where you moved your table against the wall and next to the design wall PERFECT !

My design wall is on 60 " X 60 " but at least I have one ;-)
Do you think you can put a cabinet on each side of your cutting table ? Then you could probably bring in some of your stash from the garage ? That is if you have room !


Love how neat your new area is! Maybe there will be a sewing studio built for you in the future like the one you had, just saying :)


Putting your sewing table against the wall is definitely an improvement in your space. You are lucky to have a bright dedicated room for your sewing even though it's not the great studio you used to have.

Debbie R.

Your studio looks good. Bright, organized and very functional.
We moved just over a year ago, and I lost my great sewing space. Now I have a table set up in a storage room in the basement. Definitely not ideal. But I'm happy that I have a sewing space! Way better than the dining room table. And no one wants to hang out in the storage room, so it's all mine -- except for the cats.
Enjoy your space, and sew away!


Looks really good. I'm wondering if you have an opinion on the flooring; you had hardwood in the studio and appear to have carpet here. Which do you think is best for a sewing space?

I assume the hardwood would be better for sweeping up stray threads and that pins might get stuck in the carpet???


Such a lovely sewing space, Nicole! I am envious!! But I do have a dedicated sewing room so I can't complain too much.


I do remember that fabulous studio you once had but your space now is still fantastic. I could spend hours in there! My sewing space is one step up from the dining room table.

Jan Woods Trenkler

Nicole,Any room you decorate looks great, but oh, my aching back, when I look at that hard chair you are using in front of your machine! Could it be higher or maybe wheel around so you can back up. BTW, my schnauzer, Teddy, the Terror, I mean terrier says " Hi" to Ozzie.


For years (during hubby's military career) I moved and stored quilt supplies in Rubbermaid bins and stitched on the kitchen table that needed to be cleared every night for the family dinner. I always dreamed of the day when I would have my OWN space which I do have now so I know all too well how much that space means to you...pieceful!


Love your new sewing room. That design wall is awesome. I only have a very small sewing room and very small portable design wall....and alot of stuff, but I love it and have learned to make it work. Thanks for sharing pics of your sewing room, enjoyed it immensely.


I was unpacking and organising my sewing space in our new house tonight. We bought our own home and moved in three weeks ago. I share the formal lounge with the kids for my sewing room and their play room. At least we can shut the door and visitors don't have to see the mess!

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