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October 21, 2014



When I made my Orange Peel quilt, I did it with the Freezer Paper On Top method. That one worked great for me. I know you tried 95 methods, did you try that one? I do all my needleturn applique that way.


I use small pieces of clear medical tape on all my templates to keep them from slipping.{ Bonnie Hunter's method at Quiltville blog} I may have to try machine curves as I love what you have done lately. G

Mary Kastner

It looks good. I haven't seen these before. I hope you are enjoying the needle turn process. I find it very mentally therapeutic in the veins to hand stitch. Thanks for sharing these methods to us!


Mary Kastner

In the veins? - just love automation at times. I thought I wrote evenings - now I know occasionally I am smarter than spellcheck.


Barbara Anne

Thanks for the feedback on this template set and cheers that you found it, got it, and that it works so well!

I think the smaller rotary cutter would help as would those sticky, small round sandpaper grips that are made to hold rulers and templates still. I keep a package in my sewing room at all times.

My Halloween sewing projects are finished and on their way to GA!!! The package should arrive tomorrow. Phew!

Now I'm back to finishing AMIL's projects.



Good to know about the templates for piecing. I am really more of a piecing gal!


Great looking orange peel / petal block!

I'm sorry, but my inner editor self can't help but notice that on the template itself, the company spelled petal as "PEDAL". For Pete's sake!

Nancy Anne in the Finger Lakes

Looks great! Did you hand sew or machine sew the template cutouts?

Liz S.

I've had my eye on that orange peel design.
There seems to be a gazillion different ways to do it.. on pinterest I came across this photo (here's a link) to make my template the size I wanted and I just did the "duh, why didn't I think of that"!
Thanks for the inspiration today!


Your new orange peels look good.

I have been thinking about those very problems--slipping templates and too-big cutters. I did spoil myself with a new sharp seam ripper recently. Have fun with your peel play!


Is it reverse appliqué? The picture looks like the background is on the top. Maybe it's just my eyes. Lol


awesome! off to order the template! ;p

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