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October 27, 2014



In the words of George Takei: OH MYYYYY!

That is really cute, and if I didn't already have about 37 little other gifts lined up to make for Christmas I would try this out. It will have to wait, but the time will come! :)

Sue Babich

This bag is a CUTIE !! Love all of the compartments in it !

Barbara Anne

You go, girl! What a cute bag, wonderful fabrics, jazzy insides for the zipper compartments, and good information for all who want to follow your brave example!

I'm so glad this is still here! I wrote the above paragraph at 8:45a Eastern time, and before I could write more, my screen went black. YIKES!! I just followed techie son's instructions and all is well. Phew! It appears Linux had a one-off Kernal-panic-crash. It certainly caused a certain amount of panic in me, too.



it's beautiful! i was put off when i saw 99% of the people posting said they could not have gotten through it without all the helpful tutes by everyone EXCEPT the woman selling the pattern for $12! To me, if i buying a pattern it better get me through it or it isn't a pattern...

sorry to rant but i'm sick of buying bad patterns. i'm careful about what i buy these day.s ;p


What a fun bag and good explanation. I love your choice of where to put the bright colored fabrics. May have to get zippers, pattern and give this a whirl.


I have made this one to - AND you DONT get through the pattern without finding the tutorial - So it is a very lousy pattern - NO PHOTO AND NO HELP.
And taking 12 Dollers for it is even worse - A bit like stealing from people who are buying in good faith.....

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