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October 22, 2014



Awesome costume! I haven't made one for a few years since I made pirate costumes for my grandsons.

Lisa D.

That costume is adorable! Super Eva, I love it. And what is Nana going to be?

Mary Flynn

So sweet and stinking cute! Well done!

Barbara Anne

Applause for Super Nana who can work wonders in 5 hours!! Love the costume you've created and I can just imagine how much Miss E loves her super costume - or will love it if it's a surprise!

Well done!


Susan B

Way too cute and original!! Love that aqua! She's fortunate to have such a creative grandma!!!


Good job grandma!!! It's nice to see something unique and I'm sure Eva will LOVE it! I'm expecting my first grand baby in November and cannot wait till she needs costumes.....I haven't sewn any since my children were little so it might be fun :)

Peggy in NJ

Kathy ... aka Nana

I, on the other hand, haven't been able to get back the hang of garment sewing. I've decided that it's no longer for me ... piecing and mending are all that I want to use my sewing machine for.

I love that adorable Super Eva costume! Well done!


And, SUPER NANA!!! You must have super powers to finish that adorable costume in five hours!! Be sure to take photos at the party!


Miss Eva is going to look oh so CUTE!! nice choice for something different but still very girlie...


It's adorable! I'm sure she's thrilled to bits with your creation.

Mary Kastner

Wow Nana! You outdid yourself and Eva is going to be over the top thrilled. Good job!



eeeep!!!! that is soooo cute! hope you can post a picture of her in her costume for the par-tay! ;p


What a cute costume! Great job!


Oh my goodness, that is so cute! What a lucky little super-girl to have such a great Nana! Now you have to have a coordinating costume yourself, maybe?

Liz A.

Very cute! As for the Sew Together Bag --check out this recent blog post about making the zippers easier to install.

I've made one of these and Love it. Plan on making more for gifts.

Sue Babich

You did a AMAZING JOB !!!! She is going to love it !


Omg that is too cute! I hope you made a matching one with an N for super nana/Nicole :)


Tooooo cute! What a lucky little girl to have such a special Gmom. Enjoy these years. They grow up too fast.


The first thing I remember you ever sewing was a pink and white check dress for me and a matching one for my doll Funny. We wore our dresses to see Mom at the hospital so I must have been five or six years old. I also remember you sneaking me in to see her because I was too young according to their visiting guidelines. :)

Debbie R.

Oh. That costume is a special treat for both of you. What fun! Enjoy the party.


Very cute! Lucky Eva. :-). Have fun at your party.

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