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November 10, 2014



I would say that it was well worth the effort, the quilt is lovely.

Barbara Anne

Good things are worth waiting for and Antique Stars is a good and beautiful quilt!! Applause, applause! Didn't you have a huge smile when you saw it on the bed?! Are you still happy dancing?

Since Antique Stars was finished on Friday, did you make another complete quilt top of some size over the weekend? You are the speed queen, you know!


pam Hansen

Beautiful. Look forward to the return when it takes on a new dimension.

Tracey Holzer

Well, I would LOVE to visit California and see your beautiful home! My motives in prodding you along were all selfish, you know, because I love it so much and wanted to see it finished. Too funny. Have a great day.

Mary Kastner

Just a beauty. Love it!


Tracey Holzer

And I forgot to say that it is Gorgeous and worth my wait!!


Antique Stars looks lovely on your bed now. Quilted, it will make a nice update for the new year. Congratulations on finishing it!


A great finish, Nicole.


Absolutely beautiful!


I'm doing the happy dance for you. Looks lovely.

Sue Babich

YEAHHH !! Congratulations on another great finish ! It looks just perfect on your bed !


I don't know who the heck Tracy is but I was gonna come and claim that quilt first! ;p

it's soooo beautiful....lattices were a pain but boy does it make that quilt! off to the quilter it goes....


Woohoo! That's a biggin! Looks beautiful and you used up stash :)


Your quilt looks fantastic, Nicole. I'm loving the colors, and the description you gave about being random but limited to just 3-4 colors, well I get that completely. What a good feeling to have it done.

Debbie R.

What a beauty. Can't wait to see how even-more-beautiful it looks quilted. Congrats on finishing the top!

Bari Jo

This is beautiful!!! Congratulations! I bet it feels great to have it done!!!! And Mary will do a fabulous job - icing on the cake of a beautiful quilt!!! Can't wait to see the quilting!!!!

Jennifer Gwyn

Beautiful Nicole!


Absolutely gorgeous! Definitely worth the wait!

Jennifer in Indy

Congrats on the finish - it is beautiful!

Mary Flynn may not get back! Lol




It looks great! Hope you celebrated! You will enjoy this on your bed.

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