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December 01, 2014


Sharon Askew

I believe it is Carrie Nelson's Paganini. Check out her Schnibbles to confirm.

Barbara Anne

Love the quilt and quilting Rita did but have no clue about the block or pattern name. Hope Sharon is correct!

Bummer to have been sick over Thanksgiving but am glad you're on the mend and am even more sorry you had to work so couldn't stay in bed.

A belated Happy Birthday to your Dad!

Too funny on the turkeys but not so funny about the price for the Heritage one. Yikes! We tried a boneless turkey since there were just 3 of us for dinner, but I didn't like it at all. It just lacked much flavor and the texture was off despite it being made by a famous turkey company.

Am nearly finished with my Christmas sewing!!


Kathy Czuprynski

Ummm.... I think it's on your header but you did it in 4 colors instead of 8! Amazing how fabric choices can totally change a quilt. Love your blog!


Yes I think it's one version of Carie Nelson's Paganini , I have it on my header :)

Mary Kastner

Glad you are feeling better. The turkey story is hilarious. A good husband story. I bought WF turkey dinner. What a disappointment. Everything was too salty for my taste. new gas stove getting installed tomorrow. That is such a good thing! I am not a good or skilled microwave cook.



We had 33 people coming for Thanksgiving and had a good sized snowstorm on Wednesday. Then on Wednesday evening the power went out. I'm pretty sure people miles away heard me scream "No!" So at the crack of dawn I drove to my daughters house seven miles away and put the turkey in her oven. We called everyone to let them know what was going on and asked them to bring any sides they were bringing already warmed and then we warmed them up on the wood stove and barbecue. We went to Walmart to get paper plates and gravy in jars and it all went great. We all had a fabulous time. Unfortunately the power was out until Sunday afternoon. Gotta get me a generator for Christmas this year.


It's amazing how the color choices can change up a quilt pattern. I think that's why I love the vintage quilts so much, they had black and white line drawings and made very choice their own.


Your husband & the turkey farm story is so typical…men, huh?!?! Color choices can really change the appearance of a quilt pattern so I can understand your not recognizing it!

Diane Linford

I'm still laughing about the Paganini! Hilarious.


ROFL - times two.

First, the Paganini quilt story is funny. I've had those days when I didn't recognize my own pattern. And there were four versions of Paganini so it's okay to have forgotten a couple of them. :-)

As for Diesel, that's kind of my experience with "wild game". I don't care for the flavor or texture so it never seems worth the expense. Just give me a Butterball - frozen or "fresh" that was really frozen - and I'm good to go.

Feel better soon!


$120! Was that with the coupon he had? Wow. We do two smaller turkeys for our crowd of 20-25 folks. I bought two 12# turkeys for about $2 a pound and cooked them together in the same roaster. Mine were fresh, too. It took about 3.5-4 hours for them to cook. We also had honeybaked ham my mom bought. Yummy! Hope you're feeling a lot better now.


Glad you're feeling better! Too funny about the pattern and turkey! We've always used frozen and they come out delicious! My mom likes Butterball and her turkeys are always very moist.


I cooked a prime rib. it was wonderful. i have never cooked a kidding. married 32 yrs and never cooked a turkey@! ;p


I'd ask a silly question like that if I was tired too. Hope you've kicked the sick bug and have managed some days off before the next busy occasion of Christmas.

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