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November 21, 2014



You will survive and, hopefully, Eva will thrive. This brings back memories of the same thing happening to us when my son was three. His day care closed the same week we had to put our dog down. As you said, it was a major crisis at the time, but we all moved on well. I hope you do, too.


Wow! How horrible to only get 30 days notice. I've been very fortunate in my daughter's day care. When we looked around it was the first center we looked at and the most expensive. But I felt they were a school and not babysitters. We went with our gut and figured we're investing in our daughter's future and they've been wonderful. It's a chain daycare which worked for us. When we went through hurricane sandy our center was closed but another was opened and they allowed kids to come from other centers. I really hope everything works out for the best!

Tricia L.

Wow, just wow!! But you know what, kids adjust so much easier than we do as parents. That's so sad it went down that way with the old preschool, but it sounds like you found a good school and who knows, maybe some of her little friends will join her!

Barbara Anne

As has been said, Eva may weather the storm without blinking an eye but I do hope some of her friends will come to the new school as that would make it easier for all. Did you see any familiar faces among the teaching staff?

I hope for all of you that the new school will be wonderful. Did you suggest to the director that she hire more staff because there were going to be 19 more kids in need of care? :)

Cheers that Eva's place is secure. As Forrest's mother used to say, It's one less thing.


Diane Linford

Nicole, I'm hoping for the best for all of you in this situation. Life just keeps handing us little challenges, doesn't it? I'm so glad you were able to handle it so quickly.

Mary Kastner

kids are adjustable. no doubt about it. Some adjust easier than others. my two granddaughters that I nanny are one of each of those kinds. Your news was not a story any caretaker wants to happen to their "baby". It is disruptive to everyone involved in their little lives. Eva will be fine. it is going to be a period of time that everyone will have to be diligent about making sure she isn't too overwhelmed with this change. In the long run, it will be a good life lesson for her that she meets new friends, is flexible and can make changes. I will be thinking about all of you through this transition. Good luck to all of your family!


Sandy M

wow. I probably would have been the one scrambling after the fact since I could have easily missed the red flags. I'm happy to know Eva has such a great advocate on her side.
My daughter is expecting her first in February and is going through the process of looking at Daycares. It is wicked expensive (as it was when she was young too) but also very limited..
I hope everything works out with this new place.


Oh my goodness, what a shock! How fortunate for Eva that you recognized that something was terribly amiss, and took action. How fantastic that the only other preschool seems to be just what the doctor ordered.

I'm sure Eva will be just fine, and will probably make a load of new little friends. Hopefully some of her current friends will enroll in the school too!

Debbie R.

You are a wonderful grandmother. And proactive. Eva will be fine. Sounds like her new preschool will be good. And she's got great support at home. A blip, to be sure. But it will be weathered, and well.

Jennifer Gwyn

You are so lucky to have found a good replacement. Or better replacement, from the sound of it. This particular topic is so very important to many of us that read your blog. I wouldn't know what we would do if we didn't think our children were having a enriching, safe and fun experience during their day. The nights are filled with dinner, baths and homework - so I want to know that they are getting their required dosage of friends, fun and learning during the other hours. Good luck to you and the family!


damn! rotten luck! good news is other kids will be signing up at the same place so E may be back with old friends. she'll adjust. don't worry. she'll adjust faster than the adults. ;p


How wonderful for Eva to have such a resourceful and proactive Grandma! Although this week sounds like a major headache, I am so glad that you found someplace you feel comfortable leaving your precious little one--and you did it before the holiday rush! What a woman you are!


What an unfortunate situation. But, as you say, the most important thing is the effect the closing will have on the little children. I know that you will find the right words to use when explaining the closing to Eva, and that you will help guide her through the transition period. I hope you and your family have a beautiful Thanksgiving!


You are a amazing Grandmother and Mom...good on you for not only listening to your instincts but actually following up on them. We have to be fiercely advocating for our kids and loved ones all the time...and through your actions Eva will learn how to advocate for herself, too ;-).

Jennifer in Indy

We had that happen to our Child care center too - luckily we were just using them for school break care at that time, but she only gave a week's notice and it was chaos - teachers and parents left in a lurch. It was so sad too because my kids grew up there and we had such good experiences with so many of the teachers. Hope the new school takes on some of the other kids and is a great place for Eva!

Susan Ramey  Cleveland

Glad you found Miss Eva a proper school. I hope it all works out and that Eva is a happy little camper there.


What a stressful situation and especially this time of year when everyone is so busy....glad that you were able to resolve the situation and hope for a happy transition for Eva...Happy Thanksgiving!


As stressful as this was for you, I couldn't help but think about the preschool staff members who will be out of a job just before the holidays.


Gosh what a stressful time you went through. Are your preschools privately owned and run in USA? Here in Australia the government operates and staffs preschools, but child care centres are community or privately run, so could go broke and close unexpectedly. I'm glad you found a position for Eva and hope she is settling in well. Kids have resilience in their favour.

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