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November 07, 2014



What a delightful quilt! I love it! I just Googled it ... and that booklet is available!! And guess who put it on her Christmas list?!?!

Barbara Anne

Rhubarb Whirl is really a happy, fun quilt and what could have been better than already having the book with the pattern when you NEEDED to make the quilt? Having the fabrics was a plus, too, of course.

Antique Stars is growing - I see setting triangles! One more setting triangle and you'll have turned the corner.

It's no wonder I love your quilts. I use those same colors, plus blue, to decorate my home.



I'd say that it was meant to be - you had the book, you had the fabric and definitely this quilt was calling out to you. Who could resist?

Tracey Holzer

Oh my, You're killing me, Nicole!! Just get that quilt done! LOL!!! I'm gonna go sew on my Sweet Scandinavian this morning. I love that quilt! Have a great weekend.

Mary Kastner

Quilt is coming along nicely. It is going to be a beauty. Rhubarb Whirl is cute. For some reason, I think I have that book. Where it is at this point in time is another question. have a great weekend!


Cathy M

How funny that you had the book with the pattern already. Some things are just meant to be!


lol, i've done the same thing many times. you know Vintage Halloween quilt pattern by Crabapple Hill? Yeah, that one. I finished the embroidery 3 yrs ago. 3 YEARS AGO! i just need to trim up and sew the blocks together! I KNOW! ;p

have a lovely weekend. the weather is going to be beautiful! ;p


OMGosh Nicole! We are twin sisters of a different mother! I operate the same as you in my quilt making. I also dislike sewing all blocks together then having to add borders! Drudgery! I just spin off to start something new….



You know that AT&T commercial where Lily the salesgirl "is in the head" of a customer who walks into the store? Well, you must be in my head, because I could have written the first paragraph of this post. And the second paragraph, too, as I'm hopelessly addicted to quilts on Pinterest. And then that book/pattern scenario...

I do start new things before the current things are finished; and I do often have books right on my shelves with the very patterns I'm desperately trying to find. Goodness gracious...


I love that pattern. You have put a lovely combo of fabrics together! How exciting it was all right at your fingertips! :-)

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