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November 12, 2014



Sounds like Ahren and Mary Ann will get the leftover mugs! Glad you will have them for Christmas. Always nice to have all the family together, isn't it.


Very cute mugs and love Eva's smaller one! Where did the rest of the year go....seems like we just put this stuff away :(((((

Barbara Anne

WaaHooooooo! Ahren and Mary Ann's presence will make the holidays brighter, indeed! Joy, joy, joy!!!

I LOVE Christmas mugs and the delight they add to the holidays. I have plenty and get to add AMIL's Christmas mugs to our mix this year. Although your new mugs are wonderful and I adore the plaid mug, I won't be ordering any... but I may go to the on-line shop to look ...!

This week I'm making the two Christmas table runners that are to be gifts and feel I'm ahead of the game. Of course, 4 bindings await me so AMIL's gift projects are finished, but those are not for Christmas.


Mary Flynn

Love Eva's sized one! PERFECT!!!!!


I'd be so excited that I'd be decorating for Christmas NOW in an effort to get it here sooner ... Ha!

Those are adorable mugs! I love that little one ... so cute!

Stephani in N. TX

Oh how happy for you Nicole. It's been a while and Ahren and Mary Ann will complete your Christmas picture. I will enjoy thinking of the happy memories you will be creating, as we go about creating our own. The cups are darling. Don't we all have our special things that mean Christmas to each of us.


No "uh oh" needed! If the stores are any indicator, you're already months behind getting ready for Christmas!!!! And, what wonderful news that Ahren & Mary Ann will be with you this year! Of course you're floating on air!

pam Hansen

How wonderful to have your children all home for Christmas! That means so much to us as mothers.
Love the cups. I always forget about Sur La Table. I'm visiting their site in the next few minutes.
Thanks as always for sharing.

Debbie R.

I agree with your "uh, oh". Way too early to put up the tree and decorations. But it is okay to start being excited!


awesome! i'm with sara...put a tree on the porch! you;ll enjoy seeing it every time you pull up. ;p


I am so happy to see the holiday mugs! I have been thinking about Christmas myself! I usually don't jump the gun like that... but I need a little Christmas, right this very minute! (wink)


Love the mini Eva mug! I need to get one for my granddaughter, she loves her cocoa. Great to hear Ahren and Mary are coming for Christmas, holidays always seem more special with loved ones around. Oh and I'll be right over for coffee, just say when :)


So happy for you that Ahren en Mary Ann are coming for Christmas! I am not in the Christmas mood at all, or in the St. Nicholas mood for that matter. (St. Nicholas' Eve is a big, big holiday here in the Netherlands - even bigger than Christmas.)
I love the idea of a tree on the porch, it might just be what is needed to get in the mood. ;-)


How wonderful that Ahren and MaryAnn can visit during Christmas! They can get reacquainted with Eva, and she with her dear "Brobo" or whatever that nickname was! LOL :)

I love Christmas too, but agree that it is just a tad early for the decorations.


I love Christmas mugs too! How cute the little one is. My husband doesn't like any decorations up until December 1st and I have to agree I want to get every minute out of fall :). How wonderful to have such precious family times for the holidays.


I just put our tree up this weekend, or my kids did. Any earlier and I think it takes too long for Christmas to come for the kids.

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