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December 08, 2014



I absolutely love these bags. I've made 7 so far. I didn't find the tutorial until after I made the first two and it is a great tutorial.

Diane Linford

I love making those Zappy Strippy bags. You're the one that introduced them to me--thanks. She also has a change prose pattern that is fun and easy to make. The name escapes mr at the moment. It's another great gift idea.

Diane Linford

I just looked at my comment above. I wrote it on my iPad in the dark, and you can sure tell. Zippy, not zappy, purse, not prose, me, not mr. So dumb.

Anyway, the other pattern of Terry Atkinson's that I like is Cash and Carry. (All spelled correctly). It's quick and fun to make, and the same zipper construction. They also make great gifts when you want a change of pace from the Zippy Strippy bags.

Barbara Anne

Your energy and the happy little Zippy Bags you've created are enviable! Well done!

Perhaps you'll inspire me to make one of these little bags - have fabric, have matching zipper, so all I need is to finish the machine quilting on the Scottie table runners, and just maybe ...!

Thanks for the links to the excellent tutorials!


pam Hansen

As soon as I finish the stockings I started, making these bags is my next on my list. It's a fine foggy day which makes it a great day to sew.


'Tis the Season for lots & lots of Zippy Strippy bagsā€¦toss in some Cash & Carry purses & you've got a bunch of great gifts! I filled a Z/S bag with notes cards, pens & pads for my card group gift last week! Your zipper tutorial is t.h.e.b.e.s.t.!!! It works nicely with several other bag patterns, too!

Debra Kay Neiman

Jan at Sew and Sow Farm sent me over to say hi! I am now a new follower of you too. Love the assembly line idea - always make more than one. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

Debbie R.

Great zippy bags! Your co-workers will love them. As for zippers, I guess I need to practice, to get over my phobia :-) Usually I would do just about anything to avoid putting in a zipper.


beautiful! lucky co-workers. ;p


That fabric is perfect for these bags,


Great bags!


I am loving all the little bags you are making!

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