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December 19, 2014


Sue Babich

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Nicole !
This is time for you to be with family . Have fun !


Sounds fabulous! Merry Christmas! See you in the New Year!


This week I had two grandchildren, boy 8 & girl 11 making and decorating cut-out cookies. They were adopted from China at a young age and have done this with me before. End result was they had fun and probably ate half of what they made! (Lots of sprinkles too.) My motto is whatever happens at Grandma's house, stays at Grandma's house! Then they just wanted to play board games with me. The next day I had the 14 year old grandson (who was adopted from the Ukraine when he was 9) over to do the same. He'd never made cookies before - he wasn't interested in doing it the past couple of years but I have to say he enthusiastically really got into it with some great decorating. He and I had a good time and I think he really enjoyed the afternoon with Grandma as well as the experience of making cookies. Building memories for sure - it's the best part of Christmas and what it's all about as far as I'm concerned. It's also the best Christmas present ever for me. Keep building those memories with Ava. My 19 and 17 year old grandkids still refer to our cookie making times. Enjoy your time with your boys. My two boys and their families will both be with us this year and I'm so looking forward to it.


Ah the memories made ... that IMHO is the very best part of the Christmas season. I'll be baking cookies on Monday with my daughter and my grands. It's exhausting doing it all in one day, but it's so much fun ... and we're making memories!


Nothing better than making memories with the grands! Merry Christmas! HUGS... and stitches

p.s. thanks for sharing the link to the MW Bowl Caddy.


Beautiful Tree... Merry Christmas


Love the tree Nicole and the cookies you and Eva made are just perfect!

This is a special year for us as we have both of our children home as well. My son will be deployed to Japan next year so we are making the most of this Christmas!

Best wishes for a blessed holilday season!


Thanks for checking in! It looks & sounds like a wonderful Christmas with your family; as it should be! Eva's cookies are yummy looking & you both must be so proud of them! Merry Christmas & the happiest of New Years to you & your family!

Mary Kastner

Enjoy! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Nicole.


Pam O

Thank you for all your charming posts.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!

Tracey Holzer

Merry Christmas, Nicole.

Barbara Anne

Your tree is lovely, the cookies and your helper are splendid, and the link you provided is too cool!

Wishing you and your family a blissfully delightful holiday together with the extreme excitement of a three year old to gild the days ahead.

See you in the New Year!

Holiday hugs!


Merry Christmas Nicole - I love reading about what you've been up to. First grandbaby (a little girl) is due to arrive in 5 weeks and I am so looking forward to making memories with her. No 2 grandbaby is also on the way (arriving June) - so Christmas from now on is going to be lots of fun.

Donna M.

Kids have so much fun with sprinkles. I keep a hefty stash for the cookie and cupcake decorating, as they all seem to feel that if the surface of the cookie or cupcake can be seen, it needs more. Last time (Halloween) all 4 of the grandkids decorated cupcakes I had to vacumn the tile floor to get all the sprinkles out of the grout lines. The dogs were trying their hardest but just could not keep up. So much fun. Eva is lucky to have a grand who lets her decorate "her" way. Memories.

Debbie R.

Wishing you very Happy Holidays, with plenty of laughs, photos and memories.


Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas, so much more fun when there are young children to refresh our sense if wonder.

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