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December 05, 2014



Your holiday decorations are fabulous! I can't decide if I like better your Santas or your snowmen. ;-) I think I need to check out those micro mini lights ... I've got several small-ish things that could use some lighting. Regular lights seem a tad overwhelming, so perhaps these smaller ones would work perfectly.

Mary Kastner

Very pretty settings and the tree looks great! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. This will be a great one with Eva this year.


Stephani in N. TX

Everything looks oh-so-pretty, ready for Christmas. It will be a great holiday with Eva at her tender age, and Ahren and friend at home as well. Thanks for the preview, maybe I will get going on the decor change soon. We have a small tree but loads of quilts that make our cold TX winter very colorful and cozy. Maybe Eva can look at the snow globe safely if advised to always be sitting down and then she can have it, kind of like holding a new baby. I remember they were always amazing and very special. Merry Christmas and thank you for your wonderful blog all year long.

Barbara Anne

How lovely everything looks and I see many of the precious decorations are "up" where they are safe from little hands and paws! Very wise of you. When a friend's mother was given the suggestion to put things "up" out of her children's reach, she replied that "up" was full!

Those Radko and Murano ornaments are so beautiful on your tree and around your home. We seem to do a scrappy Christmas tree with a mix of all sorts of ornaments from family and friends and our years together.

I'm surprised that the twinkling mini lights don't have a switch to turn the twinkle off.

Cheers for being ahead of schedule so you can enjoy the holidays without being rushed!

Loved the pictures and I look forward to the rest of the pictures.



Your house looks so pretty and festive! I have not done much here and am going on a business trip next week which is really cutting into my holiday time. I need to get to it tomorrow.

Tracey Holzer

Your decorating is gorgeous. I have a Christmas tree!! Pathetic, I know. I need to go shopping. Thanks for sharing, Nicole.


Oh it is just have it all set up to pretty.........
If I don't get back here to comment before Christmas I wish you and your family a merry christmas..........
I have enjoyed following your blog for another year and look forward to 2015.......


Love all the decorations and mini lights! I have an old large snowglobe I got from Costco years ago that winds up with a little train around the base. I'm thinking something like that could be put on a table for Eva to look at without having to pick it up. There are also cute little plastic ones you could get her, my kids all loved snowglobes and so does the granddaughter.

Sue Babich

Your home looks SO Festive Nicole ! JUST BEAUTIFUL !!!


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas…your home is beautiful all decorated for the Holidays! The only thing you need is some family from Ireland & the scene will be complete! You must be so excited!

Jennifer Gwyn

You should be on a home tour Nicole. Beautiful decorations. I'm going to go and look up Murano Christmas Trees on eBay now. I love that collection. Great gift idea for my mother who collects Christmas tree figurines. Have you ever seen Crinkle Claus collectibles? I have about 300 of them, and it has been a few years since I talked myself into getting them out of all of their boxes... Maybe next year :)

Debbie R.

Beautiful! And good for you for being so ready, so early. Now you can relax and enjoy!


Everything looks beautiful and festive! I like those micro mini lights...must check those out.

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