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December 02, 2014


Barbara Anne

Hi honey!

Don't beat yourself up about not recognizing the block pictured in yesterday's post. That quiltmaker put a different fabric in wherever there was a seam, so your quilt has 4 fabrics plus white and his/hers has 8 fabrics plus white. Just goes to show how different fabric choices and placement make identical quilt blocks look very different.

Love Eva's December placemat!! What fun!

I am happy dancing that Eva's BFF and a favorite teacher are both at her new school!!! What could make things better???

I've tiptoed into Christmas decorating, too, but have no tree up yet as that is the major undertaking. Yesterday Christmas mugs went thru the dishwasher and I've never done that as early as Dec. 1 before!

The Christmas tea cozy (gift) is finished!!



I was at a quilting retreat and one of the ladies was basting her quilt. I was gushing over how wonderful the quilt was and asked to take a picture. As I was taking the picture she asked what I was working on so I showed her and she said " you know this is the same quilt I am basting. I felt very embrassed. Oh well it happens.
I love seeing what your working on.


Yesterday, I re-read your post about Eva's school closing to check the date for her new school start. I was hoping you would tell us how it went…sounds pretty wonderful to me!! YOU get the credit for being proactive when disaster loomed! I'm sure you breathed a sigh of relief when you saw Eva's BFF, a favorite teacher AND had time to sit & get to know everyone at the lunch table! I love happy endings!!
PS Love the finished placemat…it IS 'just perfect!'

Sue Babich

Sounds like it was fate for Eva to go to this new school :-D
That placemat is ADORABLE !!!!!!!!


Love the placemat! Your posts always crack me up, its so something i would do. Glad Eva is doing well at her new school, sometimes things just fall into place :)


What an easy transition that's going to be for Eva at her new preschool. Awesome!

I love her placemat, too ... too cute! How could it not be with she helped and found you the perfect buttons. I love it!

Jennifer Gwyn

Great placemat - I hope to see you publish more as the year goes along each season/holiday! Maybe you can bookmark these posts for easy retrieval later? So glad to hear that the preschool worked out for you and Eva!


Love the placemat. I agree with you about Elf on the Shelf. The idea of kids believing something is spying on them is not what I want to promote. It is creepy.

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