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December 12, 2014



Started reading your post and began to wonder how your son is doing--then, at the end of the post, you told me! So glad that you are going to be able to spend some time with him soon! A boy, even a grown one, needs his Mama!


I've always loved Disneyland, but you are absolutely right about the parades. I'm finished with them. You can never see what's going on, and I hate crowds. Lovely to read your son is coming home for a visit. Enjoy your time together. Hope the weather cooperates. It's been crazy the last few weeks here on the south end of Vancouver Island. Mild temps, lots of rain and wind, everything is flooded, but at least there's no snow. It's always hazardous here when traveling as no one has snow tires.

Barbara Anne

What a delightful place to be and the Magic Teacup ride was my favorite from seeing in on TV as a child to riding it at DisneyWorld in 1987. I'm with you on the crowds, tho.

Cheers that y'all weren't drowned by that incredible rainfall and hope you're still high and dry.

I can imagine the excitement over your son's planned arrival! Joy, joy, JOY!!

Will soon be finishing the binding on Scottie #2!!! That's a joy, too!


Stephani in N. TX

You wrote the perfect blog, you have me dreaming: Family, Christmas, parades and dizzy-land. I grew up in that area of CA. My husband and I, on occasion, cut class and went to Disneyland (or the beach). You will love the teacups and even the parade again when you see it through Eva's eyes. A child changes everything. I found myself hurrying through the parking lot the first time we took my son. Enjoy your family, Christmas should be fun with snow in the mountains even.


This month is shaping up to be really special for you & your family! Savor every single minute of your time together!

Diane Linford

I hope you weather the storm well. Our family is with you on parades. In fact my children (grown ups now) refuse to even watch them on TV.


I agree wholeheartedly about the parades! It's just crazy. Personal space people. Somehow we watch the parades almost every visit anyway. Disney World is much closer to us so that's where we go. Love the pretzel! Thanks for sharing the picture. Enjoy your family time :-)


I've never been to a Disney Park, but I don't like crowds or lines, so I don't think I'd particularly enjoy them, althought my kids would. Where abouts does your son live?

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