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January 26, 2015



I have used the geranium dress here
for my granddaughter multiple times. There are a number of reviews for this pattern on

Barbara Atkins


Of course, you had to do it. A good nana does whatever her grands want, right? ha!

Handstitch the armholes?? That's just plain crazy. What you've chosen for your next dress looks so sweet. I used to make all of DD's dresses, but the last time I tried garment sewing (and I specifically chose something that should have been quick, easy, straightforward), I found it just too "fiddly". I'd love to make dresses for my youngest granddaughter who loves dresses, but I have decided that I'll just go buy her a dress when that urge hits. ha!

Barbara Anne

What an adorable dress and just the perfect thing for Miss E to wear to her daddy's birthday party. Cute story, too!

Methinks you've well and truly made Eva into a fabric lover and we know what a life-long joy that will be.

Head shaking here at the inane instructions in the Butterick pattern. Who writes those kinds on directions? My mother sewed a lot but always avoided Butterick patterns. Perhaps this problem goes back a long time?



I learned to sew in Home Ec when I was in 'Jr. High.' (Didn't many of us??) Patterns now are not nearly as well written as I remember (that WAS a loooong time ago) so I wasn't surprised to read your yoke construction problem. I made many garments in the Olden Days but the baby bib & apron directions for what I've sewn recently were really difficult to figure out! My local quilt shop has a darling little girl's dress & pattern featured but I'm hesitant to try it!


Such a cute dress, I'm sure Eva is excited! It's so adorable that she just 'knew' you would make her a dress.

I haven't done any garment sewing in years. When I did sew for my daughter it was Daisy Kingdom Easter and Christmas dresses. I'm not even sure if Daisy Kingdom is still around.

Beth F

I used to sew clothes all the time and I found the Butterick patterns to be the absolute worst! They would always have weird construction and my personal gripe, they would put a seam down the front of garments for no good reason when cutting on the fold would have been perfectly simple. As I was reading your post I was thinking that the pattern must have been Butterick and when I scrolled back up, it sure was! It's fun to sew clothes once in a while! The dress is very cute.


Did Eva like the finished article!


damn! that dress is still cute.... ;p

Julie in WA

The dress turned out so cute! I must agree with others here that patterns are no longer user friendly. I don't know how newbies to garment sewing can figure it out. I am glad I have years of garment construction experience, and I usually follow my own knowledge base instead of pattern instructions.

Sue Babich

Adorable dress ! Great job Grandma :-D

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

Nicole, I've made this dress a BUNCH of times for granddaughters. Simple as pie. Actually, simpler.


Oh so sweet! I love she picked her own fabric. Did she enjoy being the princess at her Daddy's party? I like it all--- dress and story!

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