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January 22, 2015



Now that's a SAL that I could enjoy! Are those your blocks pictured? I love them! And thanks for the heads up on the Moda Blog.


Oh, I could enjoy this. Why are you tempting me? Might have to do it.

Barbara Anne

How delicious! I have many charm packs of lovely fabrics and this block is my favorite block, but I call it by another of its names, Evening Star. What's not to love about this? I'm in... as if I need yet another project. :)

Thanks for the blog link, too.


Mary Jo

Actually the brown dye rots away from the iron used in the dyeing process not when using an iron the press the fabric. I can see how you could misread or misunderstand what Barbara wrote but thought your readers might wan to know there was a misread.


Well here I go...another project! But this one looks do-able, and as I was just organizing my repro fabrics, should help (ha) weed out the stash! Thanks for the motivation. I look forward to this one!


Aren't these just the best blocks to make? I'm so glad you're sewing along too - won't it be great to have all these scrappy stars at the end of the year - or whenever we decide to be done?

I have plans to get two made this weekend... though after adding a little bit of background to the mix, I'll be surprised if I only make two. :)

I look forward to seeing your blocks pile up.

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