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January 01, 2015



I definitely like reading blogs best but just looking at a picture doesn't quite get it. Yes they are beautiful quilts and yes I like that people share them, but I want to know what pattern, what fabric, any tips about making it, and the progress of making it. I live alone so this is a place where I feel I am talking and listening and getting to know people. So please do not quit blogging!! Now that meal looks delicious and recipes hidden away that you are willing to share ;-D Happy New Year and can't wait to see your completions and non-completions.


Happy New Year! I'm glad you are still blogging. As you wrote, many are not. I have ignored mine except for our Alaska adventures this summer! Please keep posting your quilts and other projects. You keep me at least thinking about doing something! All the best to you in 2015.


I am so glad that you're still blogging.

That meal sounds YUMMY! My hubby loves scallops so I may have to find a recipe for Coquilles St. Jacques.


Happy New Year...Looking forward to the quilts in 2015.


A "Happy New Year" to and looks like your holidays were very "Merry"...glad that you will continue with your blog as I enjoy reading each post. Lots of great posts this year and looking forward to the nest one....Thanks,Gail


Happy New Year Nicole! Your blog is one of my favorites. You share your trials, tribulations, and triumphs! We, your readers can easily identify and bond with you because you share your imperfections. I am inspired by your beautiful quilts since I am a fairly new quilter. I also appreciate your non quilting stories. True, there are other forms of connecting, but like you, I prefer blogs. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us!


ALWAYS a pleasure to read your blog.

I want to thank you for continuing to blog without all the ads so many blogs are picking up now. In the time it takes for all the ads to load, I could have done five other things. I will always cherish the bloggers who continue to blog and share their projects and their hearts without the need for the profit.

Happy new year to you! I hope it'll be one of your best years.


Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year!

Anne Marie Hobbs

Love your blog Nicole and read faithfully every day. And have for years. All the social media out there is becoming a little OTT and as a small business owner I feel compelled to stay on top of it all but this leaves less and less time for quilting, family and much needed down time. I hope some time when you are visiting Ireland our paths will cross! xo Anne Marie Kilbora quilt shop, co wexford Ireland


Thank you for still posting. I just cannot be part of instagram and Twitter. It seems just too disruptive and raises my blood pressure. Enjoy your posts and projects. Happy New Year!

Mary Kastner

Happy New Year Nicole! I enjoy your blog a lot! it sounds like your holidays were really wonderful and a wedding in the coming year is great news. Dinner looked delicious. Have a great new year!



Happy New Year, Nicole! Your holidays sound perfect with everyone gathered together to celebrate! Lots of happy news coming from your house! I always enjoy checking in with your blog & seeing the projects you're working on! Thanks for continuing to write in the new year!

Kathy Czuprynski

Happy New Year! I look forward to your posts and to see your projects.


I agree with Mary....thank you for keeping your site calm and uncluttered with ads....really dislike be sent off to never land because I inadvertently touched my iPad screen.

About 40 years ago I had your dish is a fancy French restaraunt (in Milwaukee) and the dish and restaraunt were heavenly. Please consider sharing your recipe with us.


Happy new Year to you. Your sewing has been prolific this year and it's always fun to see your projects. Your choices are so different than mine and I love seeing how you work in your combinations. Thanks for sharing so much with all of us!


Thank you for sharing in your blog!! I love reading each one--and you inspire me!! Happy New Year!!


You have had a good year quilting and I have really enjoyed reading all you have shared on your blog. You inspire me with your quilting and your sense of humor keeps it all real. Thank you for the promise of more posts in 2015. I prefer to read blogs as well, and yours in particular. Happy New Year Nicole!


Please don't even think about not blogging. I love reading what you are doing. I'm a fairly new quilter too and I love to see what you make and am so envious of how much you seem to get done in each day and week what with all else you do besides quilting. You are great at time management - wish I were better. And I also agree with Mary about keeping your blog free of ads.

Happy New Year! I wish you, your hubby, Ava and grandpa and the rest of your special family a very happy, healthy and peaceful 2015.

Lynne in Hawaii

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!! (Happy New Year)

Pam O

Thank you for entertaining me throughout the years.
Happy New Year to you and your family!


Thank you for continuing to blog. I look forward to seeing your post every time it comes up on my feed.


I don't do Pinterest or Instagram, just too much work trying to figure everything out. Your blog is so soothing, and also very informative. I love hearing about your family and looking at the quilt photos that you post. I, too, have been making Coquilles St. Jacques for over 40 years from a recipe in my Julia Child cookbook, The Art of French Cooking. Since my younger son has taken up cooking with gusto, I decided it was time to pass this fabulous book on to him. I know he will make the recipe if he can read the page as it has many stains from many uses. Happy New Year to you and your family.

Diane Linford

I love your blog. Thanks for keeping it up. Happy New Year!


How wonderful to have family around you at Christmas time! I'm so glad you have not given up blogging. I have tried some of the other social media, but find the blogworld suits me best. Looking forward to hearing about your finishes and not yet finishes. Unfortunately, I'm afraid I will be joining you with the broth/salad routine for awhile. But, I'll have to say that I enjoyed every extra calorie to the hilt. ;-)Happy New Year!

Miss Jean

Happy New Year to you as well. I always look forward to your posts, especially to see the quilting. Kisses to Ozzie!!

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