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January 20, 2015



I don't know why I didn't think of this before. I twirl my seams on four patches ... So why not with pinwheels? Thanks for sharing this!


That is my fave method, works every time!

Barbara Anne

I usually do this and always regret it when I don't. Good tip.

Am cleaning out/clearing out my wee sewing room. Send for the guys in the little white coats, please.



I do this too and it sure helps a lot. It's frustrating not to get those intersection lines to match correctly!


Oh...thanks for the tip and will try it out. It does look easy and always looking for things to perfect my blocks...especially pinwheels. Thanks


Thanks to you & to Carrie for showing us that trick! That method makes pinwheels & a lot of other blocks turn out nice & flat!! I like to add a fork pin (thanks to you for that tip a few years ago!) to hold the intersection securely when joining the four HST's.

Mary Kastner

great tip Nicole. Thank you for sharing. Carrie is such a wonder!



Thanks for this great tip, Nicole. I just bought a fat quarter bundle of Mimosa and have been thinking of using it for pinwheel blocks, but I decided they were to fiddly. Your tip has changed my mind.


It's just like magic!!!


Thanks for sharing this. I've seen it done but could never quite get it. Your visual really helps :)


This is a pretty foolproof technique. I find that usually I don't even need to "pop" those few stitches. They generally will come out as I twirl that center.


LOL I'm a genius.

:::coughing fit:::

I don't remember where I learned this but it comes from hand-piecing. Go figure.

The one thing to add is that it doesn't matter which direction the seams are pointing - toward the needle or away from it - as the units are assembled, so long as they are all going the same direction. That way, they all turn out with seams going in the same direction.

I'm loving your quilt - it's gorgeous.


i'm a coward. i saw carrie post this a long time ago and i thought she was crazy. ;p like a said, i'm a coward! ;p


Thank you for sharing this great tutorial! I am definitely going to try this. HUGS... and stitches


Oh wow, that is a great tip. Thank you Nicole.

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