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January 23, 2015



I just LOVE those sawtooth stars!!! I love the block and I love your fabrics (no surprise as PG is one of my most favorite fabrics).

I'm in between, although a little closer to the one-at-a-time side of the spectrum ... I have a primary project I work on almost exclusively, but there are a few others in various stages of completion ... like my hexie projects for when I have to sit in waiting rooms or we're on a road trip and my foundation paper piecing project for retreats or when I want to do some machine work in the middle of my hand quilting.

However, that doesn't stop me from enjoying your progress on your various projects.

Barbara Anne

Total juggler of projects here and you may have guessed that by now!

Love your little stars and methinks I have several beribboned fabric bundles that would be stellar put to this use. These beribboned bundles were put together by me from my stash because I love how the fabrics look together. None are civil war or reproduction fabric lines but I like 'em.

You may have to add a "2015 projects" category on the left side of your blog so we can keep up with what's what as you continue to work on this and that. What fun!


Sherry V.

I'm all over the place. Having said that, I must say that I am trying to get things done this year so that I can see the light at the end of the UFO tunnel.

I'm not sure if I want to start another project. . . but those stars are really looking good.

Love seeing what you are working on.

Nancy in Utah

Nicole, I too think Downton Abbey is the best series on the air, bar none. I'm waiting for my season 5 DVD's to arrive, but they are on back order. Ah well, gives me something to look forward too each weekend. Have you seen the two part spoof You Tube videos about Downton? They are about 4 minutes each and it is the actual cast that performs in them. At first I didn't quite know what to think, but when it gets to a scene about the servants that I won't say more about, except to say that it totally cracked me up. Pretty funny stuff. I ran onto it on the PBS website. If you've seen it, or you choose to check it out, let me know what you thought about it. I will tell you the ending took me by complete surprise, and that doesn't happen to me very often. Hugzzzzz....Nancy

Sue Babich

Look at you go ;-) You are going to town making these stars . They look great


Downton Abbey for sure!! I love all those British shows, and Netflix has lots of them to choose from. Have you watched Call the Midwife and Bletchley Circle? LOVE.

Your sawtooth stars are fantastic. When I first started quilting (2009) I had a fixation with them and made all kinds of stuff with them. I've let them rest for a while, and now can start them again if inspiration strikes. :)


I love all your star blocks (including the brown background), and I like the way you've mixed the fabrics. These are always fun to make, and as you say, can be very addicting. I generally have a few things going at the same time. One project that I use for leaders and enders, and a small doll quilt, as well as a large bed-sized quilt. Some get finished, some don't. Just the way it goes. I'm a big Downton Abbey fan as well.

Mary Kastner

I am tempted but will restrain myself. the project I really want to start is the RhubarbWhirl and with your help it is doable now. I wrote down all your directions and tucked them into the book. the stars are so pretty Nicole. Moving forward..... have a great weekend!


Laura @ Prairie Sewn Studios

I think there are worse things to be addicted to than sawtooth star blocks. They're looking great!


I just saw the post about that quilt along. Sounds like fun. I'm a juggler of projects. I get bored sometimes or distracted by a new shiny project. My UFOs stay pretty constant though, so i have an equal number coming in as going out. I finally did set a limit on how many projects I could have out at once, and i keep a list. I can work on anything I want, but if i get out a project or start a new one, something else has to get put away. I love seeing all the projects you're working on.


Nicole, your blocks look great. I enjoy following your blog. Yes, I am a "juggler" as well. My husband made a comment last month about my multiple projects and I told him variety was the spice of life. :-)
Don't know where I have been but just learned of Downton Abbey late last fall. Sat and sewed to all their back episodes too. So much fun.
Have a good weekend!
Beverly in Wa state


I try to keep a one 'big' project limit but I usually have a couple of smaller things to pick up, too. Now…if there's a binding to hand sew to the back I've been known to drop everything else! Yep, I love the hand sewing part of binding & everything else goes to the back burner until I've finished!!


Love your star blocks so far :). I wish I was a start and finish quilter but unfortunately I'm the "squirrel" quilter, easily distracted. It doesn't help to see all the cool things other quiltwrs are working on that make me want to stop what I'm doing and do what they're doing. At least I'm easily amused :)

Liz A.

love, love, love these stars, including your "brown sheep" one. I might just have to start making some of I need yet another project. I too, have many projects going at once.....I get bored working on just one project.....or, as my husband says I get distracted far too easily....did somebody just say "squirrel"? My other problem is that I like to make big quilts with lots of tiny pieces....I'm blaming Bonnie Hunter for that addiction. Just this evening I finally pulled a 93" square Dancing nine-patch off my longer. Now to get binding on that and the other 2 quilts waiting for binding.....


Love the stars, and especially the renegade. I don't think there is a thing on Barbara's blog that I don't want to make!


What a great sew-along....and who doesn't love stars. Guess I have several projects going right now so think I am one of those many in-the-works kind of girl!


oh, definitely a juggler! ;p


Love your sawtooth stars! I'm definitely a juggle a lot of quilt projects kind of quilter. I think it actually helps me get more done.:)


Prefer NOT to juggle multiple projects, but that happens since I have a couple of BOM's going as well as a Route 44 quilt in the works.

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