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January 02, 2015



I am going to tackle a big, complicated log cabin project myself this year. I am itching to do something on the complicated side as I haven't done so for a while. I'm looking forward to any other fun projects that pop up on the internet, too. I loved the Spell it with Moda last year as well as the fun, free sew-along projects from the Temecula Quilt Shop. We will have to see what fun is in store this year! (I think I need to join you with the whole exclamation point thing this year, too.)


I so desperately want to use the Lakeside Gatherings fabrics for something ... just not sure what right now. They're definitely not my typical colors, but what's not to love about anything Lisa designs? I think they'd make a fabulous log cabin, but I've made so many ... time to think of something else.

A Sew Along sounds like fun.

Jennifer in Indy

For me, it will be the year of the kits! I plan to put some special focus and energy into making up some of the kits I have bought (or won/been gifted) over the years. I will still work on other things too, but look forward to clearing some space where I keep all the kits!

Paulette Doyle

Hey, what's wrong with exclamation marks???? or question marks... haha These are all wonderful goals! Can't wait to see the results!!!!!


I've made several kits over the past year but it's time to get back to choosing fabrics to make a quilt my own. I also want to try some smaller projects using embroidery & wool. Our local quilt shop's winter retreat begins next Thursday so I'm hoping to get a good start on some New Year's projects!

Barbara Anne

I plan to finish some UFOs, to make at least one quilt from the various fabric bundles I've made, and to make one flannel quilt. I affirm my resolve to never buy more than 3 fabrics in any fabric line (unless it's a charm pack) so every quilt I make is one of a kind on the planet.

I need to join you on the exclamation point thing but it is hard to convey enthusiasm without them ...

For those planning a traditional Log Cabin quilt, I learned - after making three - that it really is best to square up each block after adding each round of 4 strips. The quilt blocks fit together perfectly if you do that. Log Cabin blocks are great for chain piecing, too.


Mary Kastner

I wrote out a 12 month list of UFO's. I am going to try to complete one per month randomly. lots are tops that need to be quilted and binding. Then I have in my head a lot of new projects I can't wait to start. It will be wonderful if I do get some of these finished and some new starts as well. I belong to the Jo Morton Little Women's Club in Livermore so there is always something new to do once that gets going in February. lots of quilting to look forward to in 2015!



Please show us more of your just-completed American Jane quilt. The little photo has me dying to see more.

Diane Linford

We can both pinky-swear to use less exclamation points. Mine have gotten out of control (restrained myself there).

I'm making a list of UFOs and hope to finish one a month. I don't have too many and want to be done with them.


I am also guilty of using lots of exclamation marks. I guess I just get excited about things I love and sharing them.
My resolution is to FINISH some of my projects, meaning quilting some tops. Did you notice the capital letters that kind of replaced the exclamation mark? LOL Happy New Year


1) I want that Lakeside Gathering fabric so bad! Don't know why I'm waiting to buy it. I want to make Niner quilt pattern by Camille with it. I want the woven FQ bundle too. Cha-ching! ;p

2) I am starting the Urban Churn Dash QAL that Natalie of has organized on instagram. she just posted cutting instructions this week.

3) continue to work away at UFOs. I have soooooo many. ;p

Patty Fowl

Quilting plans for this year... hmmm.. I have enough projects to last the next 20 years. I want to work on some paper piecing and would love to wittle down some of the kits I have accumulated that are occupying shelf space. And I am going to be doing the FQS's Quiltalong 'Snapshots". The blocks were all too cute to not participate (loved the bicycle and the sewing machine)

Tracey Holzer

Exclamation points are absolutely necessary!!! Ha! I love them and probably overuse the too, but I figure that it's part of my personality. My biggest goal for this year is to get started on my Bali Wedding Star quilt. I have the prettiest batiks already bought. Have a great weekend, Nicole.

Sue Babich

I plan on working on my Bertie's year that I was gifted.
Then I need to make 3 baby quilts so far this year , make my Victory Star quilt and start working on some of my kits that I was gifted.


Sounds like you have some ambitious ideas for 2015.

I just want to finish my UFOs. I feel guilty every time I start a new project knowing the sewing room is full of incomplete projects.

Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing your work in 2015.


Great plans, all of them! But really, Eva needs that FQS Snapshots quilt!!!! What's one more BOM??? LOL


Since I've made changes to my quilt business I hope it will allow me more time to quilt along with others too! Oh, I like exclamations! Lol


Do show us more of the quilt you've just finished binding! I have been putting patterns and fabric together in plastic "project boxes" so that I can remember what goes with what .... so I really want to get those made this year.

Stephani in N. TX

I have some of those same Jane Klop fabrics. These days, I'm into soothing 3 Sisters fabric or brights like Jane Klop or another bright called Brand New Day. Kind of sedate elder quilts, or brights for kiddo quilts. Can't seem to stop either of those tracks. As always, love your inspiration.

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