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January 21, 2015



Wow! I never even thought of making these by machine. They look great!

Barbara Anne

Inspiring! Thank you for a great tutorial, too. Love your fabrics in these blocks.

I'm still plugging along at turtle speed in getting this sewing room in shape. DH has offered to help, but the room is too small and I'm not sure his methods would suit me. ;)


pam Hansen

Nicole your explanation makes it thinkable for me to try this technique in the future.
As for now I'm indulging my safety zone and beginning a scrappy version of Rhubarb Whirl. I followed your cutting directions and had no problems. I look forward to seeing yours finished.

Mary Kastner

Yeah! You figured out a way to have your orange peel quilt! it looks really good!



yay! i bought the templates too. i just need to sit down and start working on it. ;p

my sewing room is a mess right now. i've promised myself no new sewing until i clean up and put things away! ;p


Pretty blocks but even with the template it looks tedious. You get great results with templates.

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