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January 15, 2015


Shari Sherman

You have hit on one of my biggest peeves with patterns! I will typically recalculate the yardage before I buy (I admit I love quilt math). Love that quilt, too, and can't wait to see yours.


You're the second blogger who's discussed wanting to make a Rhubarb Whirl quilt. I love it ... and the colors in the picture you shared are fabulous! I'm seriously contemplating ordering it ... and I rarely quilt from patterns. I can't wait to see yours come together.

Becky (central Oregon)

Oh My to have a pattern! All this time!
I have vague guilty quilty feelings about that happening all the time when I buy a second book or pattern and then find I had it! (you notice I said vague).
As to the Rant.. all I can say is
Rant On Sister.
It got so bad there for awhile with so many quilt Magazines publishing for a specific line of fabric that I quit subscribing to them.

Mary Kastner

well all I can say is 1) I have this book, 2) I love this quilt and most important of all 3) thank you for figuring it out. I remember when I ordered this book for this specific quilt I might add and it came and I was so bewildered about the instructions it went on the shelf and never got taken off again. I am going to go find it now and write down all your helpful hints. the quilt goes back on the "must do" list. It is so beautiful Nicole. thanks for your help!



What happens is that each publisher has guidelines for how much "extra" fabric to allow -- since fabric stores sometimes cut sloppily and quilters make mistakes... the publisher I edit for likes to have enough for an extra strip or an extra block component, for instance. And then it's up to the technical editor's judgment (good or bad) about how to keep the cutting instructions easy to follow without requiring a lot of extra fabric. Some quilters are better than others at figuring out how to cut efficiently! I find it's harder with "scrappy" quilts like this because you want a wide variety of fabrics but you don't need much of each one -- and the standard unit of measurement is a FQ for most shops, rather than a F8th... but the book should have given options for you.

Kathleen G

I'd forgotten this book/quilt. I, too, own it and have left it on the shelf, probably after reading the instructions. Your quilt is so pretty...I may have to dust off my brain and see what I can figure definitely deserves to be made.


I have the Primitive Gatherings pattern and yes, I still need to make this quilt! But I love minis because I quilt all my quilt on my little sewing machine and I just can't handle a king size. My favorite size are the Schnibbles just the perfect size for me;-) But I think the math for this quilt to make bigger is fairly easy because it's just pinwheels and HSTs.
A tip: whenever I'm making a quilt by a pattern I draw it on grid pattern. It helps me visualize it and if there're any mistakes in the pattern I see and therefore can avoid it (mostly).
And about the fabric requirements: today I relize that I can make a quilt pattern with just 2 FQs instead of the 3/4 yard the pattern call for ... I think you always need to check!

Karen @ Badlandsquilts

Good for you for disclosing your challenges with the pattern. I was really angry about a poorly written pattern, crammed in tiny print on glossy colored paper and I wish I would have written the can they improve without feedback? Hope this turns out just as you've envisioned!

Barbara Anne

Love this quilt in both its versions and think I must make it, too. ASAP, of course, as it is just delicious. Only the photo of the mini quilt shows the borders but I love the frame the HSTs make around the center. Besides, I love scrappy quilts so will probably just make it by winging it and not get a pattern.

It's horrible that any book publisher would allow a book to be published without the instructions being clear as to light, medium, or dark fabrics and the amount needed. You know Renee's fabrics with those numbers weren't produced for more than a year (if that long), so why print a book that's such a pain in the neck to use? Rant on, sister!



it's a win!!! i've done the same thing where i've bought a book or pattern and then forgot i owned it. ;p

my big rant is Fig Tree. I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE her fabrics and her designs but her patterns have lousy cutting/sewing directions. I HATE that. :(

my faves? Sweetwater patterns are the best! Thimble Blossoms are really good too. ;p


As far as you ranting, why not consider what you had to say as a public service announcement rather than a rant? It may have encouraged a few people who had been confused before reading what you had to say to go ahead & dive in & make that quilt!
I made & finished a quilt top at last week-end's retreat with the entire pattern printed on the back of a postcard! I'll just say it wasn't easy & leave it at that!


Lovely quilt, I'm glad you found the pattern and are able to make it work. There is nothing more frustrating that not having clear cutting instructions. I make enough mistakes on my own without the pattern being incorrect to -ha!


Thank you for your discussion on making this pattern. I have the booklet I purchased specifically to make Rhubarb Whirl and found the cutting directions taking more energy to decipher than I had at the time. You have helped greatly!


I went to Renee's Need'l Love website and found the books and patterns are on sale for $5. Apparently, her business has all but folded. Maybe this is why...

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