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January 29, 2015



Wow, you really are going to town making those stars, so many finished. You will either be way ahead or have enough stars for a very large quilt at the end of the year. I do like your color assortment.


Clapping along...yes, love your stars and they are "happy" stars. I also am starting to use bright colors so guess I am happy!


My reproduction fabrics tend to be the more muted ones. I see all the happier, brighter tones but don't have nearly enough to tackle this quilt. Sticking with the repros will help to take down the stash a bit and that will make me happy.

Paulette Doyle

Your stars are indeed HAPPY!! I am clapping along!

Barbara Anne

Clapping here, too, and all the more because you and your stars are so happy! Thanks for sharing the happy lyrics, too.

Today I'm sewing on a black with tiny red flowers binding so will remember that black is a combination of all colors. :)



Very happy. Funny thing too as I can't get that song out of my head after cruising. Each night before the shows they played that song with everybody clapping along and singing.

Laura @ Prairie Sewn Studios

I love the idea that reproduction prints can be bright! Clapping along here from California!

Sue Babich

I Applaud you !!! You are really cranking out these STARS !


The bright colors are so cheery looking! Very happy stars, for sure!


I much prefer the brighter colors and love your fabric choices for these 'happy' stars.


You make an excellent point, maybe I'll hang on to my reproduction prints after all! Your blocks look great. I'm happy too!!


Nicole, I am doing these stars too, and have just blogged about it. I have linked to your blog, and if you will permit me, I will add your design wall picture to my post. Have a look to see what you think.

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