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January 07, 2015



How liberating to just throw away a project! I have to say I hate wasting anything, but I have come to the conclusion that sometimes it just feels good to get rid of something that bogs me down or just takes up valuable space.

I enjoy your blog so much. It's always fun to see what you are working on.


OMG, how do you accomplish what you do. The UFO's are all stunning, there is not one I did not like, even the one you tossed. (well maybe the pear)...I'd have to see it finished, and maybe that won't happen. I feel your pain though, so many I have put away because I lost interest or the love...I too need to finish them up and move on.


I am pleased to hear that you pitched the Quick Curve Ruler project ... my philosophy is that life is just too short to spend it working on a project that didn't come together and that we don't like. There are too many gorgeous projects out there to work on instead. Good for you.

Lisa D.

A very refreshing blog post. Sometimes things just don't work out, and you just have to move on. Life is too short and time is too valuable to work on a quilt you don't like!


There you go...not a bad list at all and looks like most will be ready to finish up. Perhaps doing this will give you a burst of energy to get back to some of brave to toss something you don't like away, perhaps I will follow suit and get rid of a quilt in the works that I really HATE!!! Thanks


How fun to read your blog post about your UFOs! You have some really great projects to finish up and such variety. I have come to the conclusion, too, that if you don't feel for it - it's not worth finishing.


I am sure someone GASPED when they read you pitched that someone who has also done that, I commend you! It felt liberating !

I love your pears project! I have the pattern but never made anything from it.

I've got a few UFO's hanging around too....I pull them out occasionally and if i'm not "feeling" it I put it away. Life's too short to work on projects that you just don't want to.

Good luck finishing....I'll be watching to see how you do.

Peggy in NJ


Good for you! I tossed a couple things last year, too. As I was going through old UFO's I'm pretty sure a couple more will disappear into the rubbish bin. Somethings aren't worth our time or mental health to finish!


Good luck with all those lovely UFOs. The pear does nothing for me either. As far as tossing is concerned, I would probably have put the pieces aside to use in an appliquée project (my current love).
Looking forward to seeing your finishes.


Ouh, your Quick Curve "Garbage Quilt" was wonderful. I would have loved to have had it in my house. Good for you, however, that you didn't guilt/guilt yourself into saving it.

Barbara Anne

Love these quilts, too, and I know you'll be pleased to work them into your 2015 sewing plan and eventually finish them.

I confess to having gleefully purchased another quilter's "disaster", finished it, and loved it, but gave the finished quilt to a friend in need. I have put a couple of problem blocks and tops in the Goodwill bag. That, too, is a relief.

What do you plan to make this week? :D


Tracey Holzer

I love Scrappy Trip and I'm excited to see it done, and of course, the pineapple quilt. Take care.


A great tell it like it is post. Sometimes you lose the love, sometimes the construction process is too frustrating to continue. I've been there too.

Flowering Snowball is on my list. I need to decide on the fabric to use for it.


I actually feel inspired by your post. You gave me permission to thin out my projects and work on things I love. I am so glad you share the good, the bad with us!

Sherry V.

I took a really good look at your picture of the Dresden Plate quilt. After magnifying the picture as large as I could I can see what you mean about the slight, slight difference in dye lot. But I had to really, really study the picture.

But, as the fabric will be in the borders and sashing the difference might not be as jarring as it might have been had you had the difference in the block backgrounds, IMHO.

I love the Dresden Plate pattern and can't wait to see how you finish and quilt yours.

A gasp came from me when I read that you had tossed the Quick Curve Ruler project. . . but I can understand why you did.

There is a felt kit that I paid a good price for at a retreat that was probably a good 20 years ago. I started cutting the pieces but never got to the actual sewing because, frankly, applique is not my "thing". I have thought to put it on the free table at guild several times. . but since it cost so much to buy I always stop myself. I'm thinking 2015 is the year that I either get on with it or I get rid of it.

Another good post from you. . . . and I wish you good luck with getting things accomplished in 2015!


So, you are a tosser of projects. I know one other of your kind. I love her dearly, but for the life of me, I just don't think I could do it. :-) I love that you get so much accomplished. Even your UFOs have quite a bit of work done on them. I will look forward to seeing your progress on finishing them.

Karen @ Badlandsquilts

A good way to look at the fav is your red/cream pineapple quilt. I suffer from the same particular-ness that the dresden backgrounds would bother me also...If you had some Fig Tree precuts in your stash, I wonder if you could match it that way? If there are Fig Tree creams you could then get the item number off the one that matches and search for it that way online? (but yes, just putting it together is a good ides!) Good luck.


Love the scrappy trip and the Victory Star especially, as I am a big fan of traditional patterns and fabrics. Love your blog, and look for it every day. You inspire me all the time! Happy 2015!

Sue Babich

What a great post !

Just love all of your UFO's . Just think how close you are to finishing them .
I love your Dresden plate quilt & I would suggest invisible machine appliqué . It is the only way to go :-D
Victory star is going to be gorgeous when you are done & I can not wait to start on mine .
Looking forward to seeing these when you finish them


I love your quick curve quilt top that you threw away :*( Mismatched points and all. I think you are too hard on yourself, it was lovely! I am not a fan of the pear blocks either though :)


honest perspective and accepting reality can be like a breath of fresh air. i'm holding on to a few things that i KNOW i'm never going to go back and finish. one of them is 5 yrs old! every time i decide to clean out a friend talks me into keeping it. oy!

Mary Kastner

Looks like you have a solid plan to me. I actually made a list of 12 UFO's I want to deal with in 2015. there are more and I like you are going to throw or donate them soon. I have so many new projects I want to do, I just can't justify spending time on stuff I am tired of pushing to the side. life is too short! lots of pretty quilts to finish. Good Luck!



There's always a reason why we leave some projects unfished and mostly they're good! I'll try harder this year to actually finish the projects I'm working on and sometimes the best way is just to keep going! Perhaps you can use the Fig Tree Pears as a backing for another quilt? I think it would look great and you would feel good about not wasting the fabrics;-)


Happy New Year! Just love reading your posts and seeing the quilts you are making and the small craft projects. You are very inspiring!


Oh I was so happy to read your blog post! You gave me courage to do the same and to not feel guilty! Good for you! I love your blog, it is one of my favorites. Thank you for sharing your stories.

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