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February 20, 2015


Sandy M

Such a great tip! Thanks!!! I might need to give this one a try ASAP.


I love this idea! Now, maybe I will actually put a label on something I finish. Thanks for the great tutorial.


what a great technique! thanks for sharing

Stephani in N. TX

You go girl. You are right, no reason now to not-label. It's pretty enough, purposeful, and I love it. Now if I could just label all my # of unlabeled quilts. Maybe I can just hope to do labels on the quilts that are in the works. Thanks, Nicole.

Barbara Anne

This is the method that Ami Simms showed for use on all of the donated wee Alzheimer's quilts and they do make wizard labels.

However, if you put these triangles on the top two corners of the small quilts you want to hang - or may want to hang - they're called "hanging triangles". Ever since learning this method, I've put them on the back upper corners of all my little quilts. In fact, on quilts that have no "right side up", I put the triangles in all 4 corners so they can be hung the way the owners likes best.

I've found larger squares -> triangles work well on fabric panels that have no more than a couple of borders. For these, I cut 9" or 10" hanging squares for the triangles. These size wall quilts are hung from a flat piece of wood (like a yardstick) that's been cut to length and that has a sawtooth picture hanger tacked right in the center. Gotta love not making a hanging sleeve!

Sorry for the book.


pam Hansen

Great tip. I struggle with making labels and this is a cinchy method.


That's a great way to make the dreaded label! I know we should put a label on quilts…just like I know we need to floss at night, as you said…but it's just not fun! The freezer paper to make it easier to write is the best news of all! Thanks, as always, for your helpful tips! (Now, if I could just conquer those exclamation marks!)

Laura Valdez

Sometimes I forget to sew my label into the seams, so I whip stitch it to the seams and then sew the binding down over it. I also stitch down the opening of the label so nothing get caught in it. I also put the county in which I live on the label because we had a lecture at our guild that counties will always be there but towns sometimes are gone and not on maps anymore. Love the baby quilt. Very cute! Thanks for a great blog.

Mary Kastner

that is the BEST new quilting tip I have seen in a long time. TY so much for sharing. I am soooo bad about labeling anything that stays in my house. I have many quilts that need labels but this should stop my procrastinating on the new finishes for sure. YEAH NICOLE!


Jennifer Gwyn

Yet another great tip I will definitely use, and SOON! I am planning a signature quilt as a gift and I was thinking I would tape my fabric pieces to ultra-fine grain sandpaper so people could write on it better, but the freezer paper suggestion is JUST PERFECT! Thanks again!


I do a triangle label like that as well. I hate hand sewing, and so this way my quilts get labeled, because if not, I'm not sure they would

Laura @ Prairie Sewn Studios

That freezer paper thing is genius! I HATE how squiggly my writing looks when I try and write on fabric.

Vic in NH

Oh dear! Please please, please, put the town and state on it also! After you are gone, the quilt may travel to different homes in other places. Let's give future quilt historians a fighting chance.


So glad that I took a look at this. I needed a good way to sign my quilts. The way I was doing it took way too long. This will be such a time saver.

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