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February 03, 2015



I love Downton Abbey too but my favorite series by far is Call the Midwife. That should be back on in March I think so get caught up now as there have been a few seasons before the upcoming one. I adore that show.


Chris mentioned Call the Midwife ... my walking partner loves that show. I may be the only person left in the US who hasn't seen Downton Abbey. ;-)


There is also a (new to us) show called Grantchester. Yummy about a preacher turned amateur detective. Very good too. Love PBS. G


I am loving the series Lilyhammer from Netflix. It's a more humerous Sopranos type of show set in Norway. I also loved the series Sherlock from PBS. Am also a great fan of Downton and am so sorry that season six will be the last (so I heard).

Barbara Anne

LOVE your pink Flowering Snowball and that secondary circular pattern. Looking good!

These aren't Masterpiece Theater shows, but we love the older BBC series "As Time Goes By" as well as "Midsomer Murders".

Kathy, I haven't seen Downton Abbey either so you're not the only person in the US who has given it a miss.


Karen L.

My favorites are Endeavor (Inspector Morse when he was young), Inspector Lewis (Morse's second), Silk (a female London barrister),The Mrs Bradley Mysteries with Diana Rigg, Rumpole of the Bailey and all the Agatha Christies - Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple (only with Joan Hickson). What is your set up for listening to books on tape or watching a DVD or streaming video? I would love to do this while sewing. All the technology is over my head these days and my young person has moved out of the house.
Karen L.

Lisa D.

Your quilt is just beautiful! I can't stop looking at the circles. Gorgeous!

Sandy M

The quilt is turning out great! Love the cheerful color.
As to viewing pleasures.. I LOVE LOVE BBC shows. They are always so well done. and short. they seem to cut out all those useless filler shows. And what about that proposal??? I was like, you sly dog!!!
As suggested here, if you have not checked out Call the Midwife, you are missing out. Better than Downton. Season 4 already started in the UK so PBS should be getting to air it over the summer.
I JUST finished watching Orphan Black. Ack. That was soooo good.
I hear great things about Mr Selfridge (Season 3 just started in the UK). Lark Rise to Candleford is another BBC show I enjoyed. It's older (Mr Bates was in this show before DA).
Hope this helps in choosing your next show.


To answer Kathy's question about my set up: For watching DVDs while I sew, I use my Mac laptop with ear buds. I have Amazon Prime and can watch lots of movies and tv episodes for free. I use my ear buds (wish the cord was a bit longer) so I can hear over the noise of the sewing machine. I set the ironong board up right next to me so I don't have to get up. For my audio books, I subscribe to Audible (a division of Amazon) and can listen to audio books on my iPhone or iPod. I use my ear buds for those too so I can hear better. For DVDs, a lot of people join Netflix so they can watch movies and tv programs. Hulu is another program you can subcribe to or download for viewing shows and movies.

Linda Kay

Probably my all time favorite Masterpiece Theater series was "The Jewel in the Crown" from quite a few years ago. It is set in India. I don't know if it is still available but I loved it. Another British series that is quite good is "Foyle's War" set in Britain around WWII. Also, I sometimes listen to books on CD when I sew. It can really make time fly.

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

Nicole, the original "Upstairs, Downstairs" is still pretty darned spectacular and I think you would like it. Available from Netflix is "The Duchess of Duke Street." It is my absolute all-time favorite TV thing; there are two seasons and whenever I watch, I become completely engrossed in Louisa's life. Give it a try . . . .

Sue Babich

Nicole I just LOVE this quilt !!! It is GORGEOUS!!!!

Laura @ Prairie Sewn Studios

Another vote here for Mr. Selfridge. I can't wait until the next season is available on Amazon!

Miss Jean

Right now I am watching Mi-5, all ten seasons worth. It's a great show. Others that we love are Midsomer Murders, Broadchurch, Happy Valley, Foyle's War, Bletchley Circle, Prime Suspect, Rosemary and Thyme, Endeavour, Last Tango in Halifax, Doc Martin, Grantchester, the list goes on! We have Netflix so I have access to lots of British shows. Also, our local library has a tremendous selection of Masterpiece series dvds that I can borrow.

Beth F

I LOVE your quilt. That is on my list to make, I bought the same templates you recommended, maybe this Spring or Summer I will start. Curves have never been my friend (quilting or otherwise!) I love DA too and enjoy all tv better when I can watch it on video. This may sound weird but I am enjoying Lilehammer on Netflix, it's comedy/drama with lots of beautiful sweaters! Thank you so much for your blog!


Try Island At War. It has the actress who plays Anna in DA. It was sooooo good. Only 6 episodes but so worth it!

Try THe Forsyte Saga and The Paradise. Also The Aristocrats. all period pieces done well. liked all of these better that DA.

Dona Zarosinski

Hi! I am a friend of your sister Kate! We worked at Crate together. Anyway, I guess that you work in retail a bit also. Now that you have watched all of Downton Abbey, you might try Mr. Selfridge...find the old episodes, also Masterpiece Theatre/PBS. American goes to London to open a new department store with American ideas. Fab costumes!


Downton Abbey is wonderful! You may enjoy some of the other British productions that I see have been mentioned in previous comments. Grantchester, Mr.Selfridge (based on the actual American, Doc Martin and Last Tango in Halifax (hilarious!)
Your flowering snowball quilt looks fabulous so far!


Love those bright colors! Your quilt is going to be gorgeous!

Liz S.

That quilt is gorgeous!! I haven't started on Downton Abbey... I'm sure I would be hooked.


Beautiful progress on your quilt!!

Ohhh, may need to order season five of Downton Abbey now. Such a letdown after I finished the first four in a matter of a couple weeks or so. I do the same as you-- watch while sewing. I was glad you asked the question about other show options. I am taking notes. :-)


Not a Masterpiece drama, but lots of fun: Monarch of the Glen. Julian Fellowes, head writer for DA, has a recurring role. Also, the movie Gosford Park is one of my all-time favorites. Written by Julian Fellowes, it has the same upstairs-downstairs scheme as DA. The cast of Gosford is amazing!

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