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February 09, 2015



I don't know what is worse, the rain or the endless snow we are having in NH. There is no place to shovel to anymore. The piles are over 15 feet tall so you can't shovel or snowblowing it high enough. It has been an interesting winter to say the least.

Susan B

Your scrappy trip quilt is fantastic!


I love your Scrappy Trips. I made a queen size one for my son. It's been used a lot as we have temperatures below zerro and tons of snow. This s getting tiresome. Glad you got rain bit hopefully no flooding!

Patty Fowl

It is gorgeous! I imagine you are so happy to have finished it. It is on my to do list also.

Send some rain over to Arizona... We could use it also!

Barbara Anne

Thanks be to God for much needed rain there! I join in your hope that it will just be rain without the other problems that it can cause.

Too funny about Ozzie's aversion to storms and his seeking a safe haven. We had a dog long ago whose refuge from storms was the bathtub.

Love your Scrappy Trips and agree borders will suit it nicely as well as make it the needed size. You're amazing!

Rain is in the forecast for later today and tonight here.



We had a dog who hated storms so much that if we turned off and on the lights too quickly, he thought it was a storm causing the lights to flicker and panicked. Poor thing.

I love your Scrappy Trips. Can't wait to see it with borders.

Stephani in N. TX

Love your steady stream of great quilts. Great photo of Ozzie on Eva's pretty Gypsy quilt. Thanks for the inspirations. We have been thankful for every raindrop that falls from the sky in TX. Too bad we can't be more constructive with too much rain/snow and channel it where it's needed.


Once again, you had me at 'Ozzie!' Poor pup! You need the rain so here's hoping it gives your water supply some relief! Good progress on Sara's Scrappy Trips quilt!

Sue Babich

The rain has been wonderful :-D
No thunder and lightning here but it sure did pour and is still raining HAPPY DANCE !!!

Congrats on finishing your quilt


Stormy weather here as well. A good day for quilting!


Love your scrappy trip - it's such a great design.

Miss Jean

We were on the phone the other night with my brother-in-law who lives in Jamestown when there was a lightening strike near him. It fried the phone he was talking on!!!


He sounds like my husband! He was kept very busy when we had a huge downpour of 160 points in January during a summer storm over two days. Cleaning gutters, fixing gutters and down pipes in the wet. Glad you got a good soak.

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