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February 12, 2015



You are always cranking out those quilts! Super Quilt there such a super hero?! :)

Nicole, didn't you make a quilt called "French Kiss" or "Hugs and Kisses"? It was in reds and whites or creams...I think...I seem to remember one that I fell in love with that you made maybe 2 years ago. I remember it because I was going to make it after seeing yours and ...well... never got to it. :( Anyway that's my 2 cents. Have a very lovely Valentine's Day.

BTW, your "Speck" table topper is cute!!!


I made the Past and Present quilt last year and it came out beautiful. Even though I'm a bit of a klutz, and accuracy is not something I have ever been accused of, those fiddly intersections came out okay. Can't wait to see yours!

Barbara Anne

Past and Present is a wonderful block design and will surely make a terrific quilt! Isn't it fun to look back thru quilt books and have a block or quilt jump out at you?

Your Valentine Specks will make a cute table runner and if anyone can complete it, it's you. I made those Speck blocks for a border years and years ago. Will send you a picture.

Have you checked Eva's doll beds and Ozzie's stash for your missing Valentine quilt? Could it be with Grandpa's things or at the shop? Hope you find it soon.



The pink table topper project is very cute. Eva will love it.

I like to occasionally browse through my quilting book collection for new ideas. Sometimes a pattern that did not speak to me originally will look enticing or I can visualize a design in newer fabrics that make it more appealing. As I have a fortune invested in my quilt library (you too, I bet), it is good to leverage those books once in a while.

Sue Babich

I have that book :-D I should pull it out and look at it again ;-)
Love your Speck ! Very cute !


lol, i think you are officially E's dress-maker. ;p

love that Spec pattern!

Laura @ Prairie Sewn Studios

I love that feeling of finding something "new" on a book t hat's been on your shelf for a long time!


Can't believe how fast you can whip up a quilt! My granddaughter is obsessed with pink and purple, and the newest color green. I recently received some fabric in the mail and she started going through it pulling out the pink, purple, and green with the intent of taking it home. I told her leave it with me and I'll make you something, so that's next on my list!


Look at you and your fun projects! Love them!! You are an inspiration to all of us quilters out here peeking in. Always fun to see what you are up to.


Thank you for showing the book - I ordered it right away!
Best wishes!

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