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February 26, 2015



I, too, like to have everything cut and ready to go. I also press all at once but thankfully with my ironing table right next to my sewing table, I just turn to press ... no having to get up to go to the ironing board. Saves time and effort. ;-)

Barbara Anne

I love chain piecing but am mindful to get up and walk around at least every 30 min. so my joints and circulation stay happy.

In the book "Rx for Quilters" by Dr. Susan Mech, she has good advice for all sorts of helpful suggestions to keep quilting despite age and physical problems. One fact that amazed me is that our need for increased lighting wattage increases a lot as we age. Some lamps that can take only a 40 watt light bulb will have to go. Dr. Mech is also a quilter.

We have about 6" of new, wet snow this morning.



Getting up to constantly press pieces drives me nuts. But, on the other hand, it's not good to sit for long periods of time, either. I try to sew quite a few of the same pieces then press & trim them all at once. At retreats I keep a small pressing pad & travel-sized iron next to me to avoid passing the snack table on the way to the 'big' ironing boards!

Karen L.

I am more of a slow stitcher. Mark Lipinski's Slow Stitching Movement must have had me in mind. Rather than chain piecing lots of blocks, I work on one at a time. I tend to make mistakes if I go too fast and I have lots of experience unsewing lots of seams. I feel like I can spend more time playing with my fabrics and making different choices as I see the quilt develop on the design wall. Since I'm not retired yet, the pace of my work can be frustrating!

Karen L.

Sue Babich

You are SO organized :-D

I have my ironing board right next to me when I am sewing that way I do not have to get up all the time to iron. I also cut all my pieces first and have them on the ironing board stacked so that I can just grab them and sew ;-)


I am a prepper also. Anything to streamline the process and make it enjoyable. That is why we quilt, right?


Not me. I like to finish one block at a time so that if I put the project away for awhile, I don't have a lot of fabric cut up. Sometimes I just outgrow a project and don't want to waste any more fabric on it.

But then being organized like you are sounds tempting.....


same here! feels like i get much more done with this strategy. ;p


Prepping is a lot of work up front, but you're right, it allows for more uninterrupted stitching later! I don't prep as much as I should. I almost prefer a lot of getting up and down as sitting too long makes my back hurt. I purposely keep my ironing board set so I have to get up to iron :)

Laura @ Prairie Sewn Studios

I do the same thing, and I find it helps me cut down on mistakes, too, when I get into a rhythm doing one thing at a time.

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