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March 12, 2015



Geeez's....hope you both are feeling better and cute little pic of Ozzie. What a great little helper he is.;))


Get to feeling better! Did they give Ozzie a kennel cough shot BEFORE you boarded him? One of our dogs got kennel cough because we didn't get the shot before boarding, it's nasty stuff!

Barbara Anne

Ozzie is a hoot! Was Eva upset over the loss of goldfish crumbs or did she find this sight funny, too?

Sorry you and Ozzie have been sick and are still coughing. Hope you both are soon cured so you'll feel better and peace will return to the household.

Happy sewing!


Sandi Whitford

Sounds like your dog got kennel cough which lasts a long time. My little Colby got it one year and he coughed for six weeks. It hurt just listening to him. Ever since I have gven him bordetella vaccine before I board him. Good thing people can't catch that bug....hope you feel better and have fun sewing the nest two days.

Sherry V.

Glad to hear that you are both on the mend.

I think the picture is adorable! Our Westie, Bailey, has to investigate everything that comes into the house so it is not unusual for his head to be all the way inside the grocery bags as I am trying to put stuff away. I guess he is afraid he is going to miss something!


Good to hear you're nearing the end of your virus! I feel sorry for Ozzie getting a cough. It's bad enough he has to board, (I'm sure it's a very nice place) but add getting sick & that's just a shame. Still…that photo of him with his snoot in the Goldfish box is pretty funny!! You two take it easy the next couple of days!

Mary Kastner

Hope you and Ozzie feel better soon. it sounds to me like you need to sew, sew, sew!



Poor Ozzie! I hope you both feel better soon.


Does this make Ozzie a "boxhound" ? LOL


Ozzie is just so adorable! Who knew there was such a thing as kennel cough? I think you both deserve extra treats to make you feel better :)

Julie in WA

Hey Ozzie! Nice to see you again! You gave me a good laugh this morning!


Poor Ozzie! Love that's a classic dog trick. ;p


Ozzie is a cutie! Max has adopted a set of grandparents around the corner from our house. They save Chinese fortune cookies for him. He will do anything for a snack!


Yep kennel cough - been there done that ;-D Unfortunately, I think I have it too and I haven't been in a kennel. Hope you both will be feeling better soon. Spring is bound to help. Thanks for the laugh Ozzie.


Love your blog---especially photos of Ozzie's antics!

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