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March 06, 2015



I agree wholeheartedly...makes a cloud go over the sun for a moment. Some people always have to be opposite.


So funny and sadly so true. We have snow banks many feet high and it was five below zero here BUT the sun was shining! Yay! I can't wait for daffodils and above freezing! BUT the sun is shining today!


i thought you were going to complain about all of us on the East Coast grumbling about our snow and cold. I agree with Susan; yes, it's 8 degrees this morning, and everything here is covered with 8 inches of snow, BUT the sun is shining and sun shining off the snow is magnificent. Spring will come eventually !!

Barbara Anne

Amen, sister! The toll for vacation time IS mountains of laundry. Thanks for the mention of the new Clorox product as well as your word of warning.

I have to say another amen to the miserable Marys (apologies to all Mary's; it's my grandma's phrase) who are blind to the beauty around them. This morning we have ice and a bit of snow but the sunshine has lit up the tree branches, evergreens, and snow as if they were covered with sparkling diamonds. Glorious!

Applause on your progress on your Past and Present blocks.

I am hand stitching the binding on Arctic Blast today and may actually finish it while snow is still on the ground!



Enjoy your lovely Spring weather! We're excited to have highs in the 50's for a few days! You can't do anything about the weather so you may as well enjoy it!

While we're sharing tips today…have you read Cluck Cluck Sew's blog from Tuesday? She has a great tutorial for flattening sew & flip blocks once they're pressed! It will work great with Kim Brackett's Scrap Basket book patterns which use lots & lots of those blocks!


Hello Mrs. Grumpus... I totally agree with you.


if it really IS the happiest place on earth, shouldn't they send everyone home with clean laundry? come on, you know they have cartoon characters enslaved somewhere underground. ;p


Just wanted to say that I flipped back to your Past and Present blocks which are gorgeous, but it's your Jacob's Ladder colors and block arrangement that are really heart-stopping.

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