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March 13, 2015



I have a hard time sewing while watching a new (to me) movie or TV show ... I find myself stopping to watch (because not all of the story is conveyed through conversations).

It'll be a few more weeks before we're experiencing early spring weather (although it's going to get into the 70s again on Monday).

I love your Jacob's ladder quilt ... that block is one of my favorites ... nothing very special as a single block yet something pretty fantastic when combined to create a quilt.

Barbara Anne

Love how your Jacob's Ladder is progressing! How big are your blocks?

I cannot watch any TV or movie as I machine sew either but occasionally I try an audio book. Quite often I lose track of what's happening in the audio book so usually just stick with music to accompany my sewing.

We have warming weather, can see the tiny green fuzz of new tree leaves against the sky, and the woods are once again noisy after dark due to the crickets and frogs. Love it!

Hope you're feeling great once more.


Mary Kastner

Love the blocks. very pretty. Have a wonderful weekend. it sounds like we are going to have spectacular weather!


Patty Fowl

Your quilt is beautiful! Hope you are back to feeling 100%! Have a wonderful weekend!

Sue Babich

You are making great progress and will being calling this quilt a finish soon :-D

pam Hansen

Jacob's Ladder quilts are timeless and can have such variety. I want to do one someday using Fig Tree---notice that someday part. I'm not finished with my Rhubarb Swirl as it had to be put aside for other projects.
Have a great weekend Nicole in our lovely and all to short spring.


Your Jacob's Ladder quilt is coming along nicely. I really like the look of your blocks!

Hope you are feeling better each day.

Do you live far from Three Rivers?


Your Jacob's Ladder is looking great!

I just finished The Forsyte Saga this week. (I got a lot of good series ideas from your blog awhile back.) I can't watch while I'm sewing, but I watch when I exercise and that makes the treadmill a little more palatable. I'd love to chat with you via email after you've seen the last episode. I wasn't sure what to think about the last few minutes of the show. Like you, I didn't like Soames, but I really felt sorry for him, too - all he wanted was to be loved, and nobody seemed to be able to. I was frustrated with Irene, but she got more likeable towards the end, I thought.

Thanks for the book ideas, too. I'm going to print them out and get on the library website pronto!


Such a lovely quilt! You'll have it finished in no time! I'm hoping both you & Ozzie are feeling much, much better today!

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