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March 09, 2015



Any quilt made with KT fabrics is a winner ... and your P&P quilt is no exception. I cannot wait to see it finished.

Barbara Anne

Applause, applause!!! "Past and Present" is such a stellar quilt and the fabric choices Sara made with you are spot on! Hope this friend understands that quilts are for beds, couches, walls, and tables and not for cushioning furniture bits when moving house. As sons of a quilter, our boys have learned that lesson well.

Good plan for borders, too. Come to think of it, there is/was a quilt shop in Austin, TX that suggested you not buy border fabric until your quilt center had been sewn together. Their reason was that your choice might change and it was good to keep the border fabric decisions until you could really see what would work. I've done that ever since being in that shop.

Sorry your voice is gone but it was nice to have unexpected time to rest, pamper yourself, be with family, and sew. Wishing you WELL!



Hope you are feeling better and lots of tea does help I bet. Glad you were able to rest and bonus sewing time;))) nothing better!

carol fun

OH this is so pretty! I have all of Kim's books and love her patterns. You've made me see this one with new eyes -- need to look in my stash and play with this block. Hope your voice returns soon! happy stitching!

Sue Babich

Whoo Hoo ! You finished Past & Present ! It is GORGEOUS!

What quilt is next ?

Hope your voice returns soon

Laura @ Prairie Sewn Studios

Looks lovely! Hope you're feeling better. One of the girls in my office has had something similar, and today (finally) she is starting to sound normal again.


that quilt is gorgeous!!! hope you are feeling better soon. ;p


Your Past & Present looks great! Perfect colors for a guy but still a pretty quilt! Laryngitis is no fun & I hope you have your voice back soon! Meanwhile, have a good week sewing & being quiet!

Hope Campbell

I love this quilt! Please, please post a picture when it has the borders. I must find this book. Thank you for sharing. 😃

mary flynn

Now I want this one too!

Cindy Krelle

All The Light You Cannot See.... I agree, one wonderful read! But I have a question.At the end when she opens up the little house, and the small key falls out, ..... where is the diamond? I thought the diamond would go back to the blind girl via the miniature house. Or did she put it back into the ocean in the water behind the gate? So many questions. No one I know has read it!! Thank you for sharing your favs!

Jan Komancheck

I am in the process of making this same design
but I am paper-piecing using Moda Morris Workshop fabric scraps and had to reduce the
square to 6.5 inches, oh, my, I only have 12
done and SO many more to go. Loving this design. Anxious to see your border and end

Jan K.

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