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March 10, 2015



Thanks for the hefty list of recommendations. My book club will definitely be hearing about some of these, and it wouldn't surprise me at at all if we don't select a couple of them to read.

I'm rather saddened that the Anita Diamant book appeared on your dislike list. I absolutely loved The Red Tent, and was so hoping that her other work would measure up. That happens sometimes, though.

Mary C.

If you like Thomas Perry, do read The Butcher's Boy. I'm a fan and it's one of his best in my opinion.

Thanks for the recommendations - always on the lookout for a good read.

Tracey Holzer

Thanks for the book recommendations. I wrote a few of these on my to read list. I just finished Gone Girl and I've started a Thousand Splendid Suns. I haven't gotten far enough into the last book, but I recently read Khaled's "And the Mountains Echoed" and loved it.

Barbara Anne

Wonderful! I love book reviews and recommendations! These authors you like will go on my library list.

I enjoy light mystery and haven't read a Stephen King since "The Shining" which I read in one sitting, heart pounding, all the lights on in the house, and a patient husband still waiting when I finished the book at 3am. I wouldn't let him move from sitting beside me! No, thank you.

Authors I like:
Kate Morton (her books stand alone)
Louise Penney (series; read in order)
Carolyn Hart (Death on Demand bookshop; series; read in order)
Laura Childs (Tea Shop mysteries; series;read in order)
Delores Riccio (The Divine Circle series; read in order)

I love to read, too, and always have some book with a bookmark in it.



I just hopped over here from Amazon... looking at my reading wish list. Big Little Lies and The Girl On The Train were already on it... so I am glad to read that you give them thumbs up. I read Orphan Train and loved the story. I am going to have to put Call The Midwife on the list because I haven't seen the series.
I am amazed how much your read Nicole! I am about to start Ordinary Grace... it's in my tote right now.
Thanks for sharing your reading list!


What fun! I've added several of your titles to my wish-list at Amazon. I'm always looking for the next book to read!


Thanks for your review list. I've written a few down, and had a few already on my own list. I absolutely loved "All the Light we Cannot See", was sorry when it ended. I wanted it to go on and on. Also loved the Sarah Waters book. I've also enjoyed "The Little Stranger" and "Fingersmith" by her as well. Fingersmith was a great read, but I wasn't very excited by the title, so I put it at the bottom of my book pile. Turns out a fingersmith is English slang for a pickpocket, and the book was fabulous. I would certainly recommend it.

Linda W.

Thanks so much for these book recommendations! Some of them I have read and I have added the others to my list. I would also recommend Liz Moore's 2012 Heft which I just finished, and The World As We Know It, an all time favorite by Joseph Monninger.

Miss Jean

We have such a fabulous library system here. Much better than back home which is sad. I think everyone should have the access that we do. Our library regularly has guest speakers and I was fortunate to be able to go see Christina Baker Kline speak about her book, Orphan Train. Fascinating!!


How thoughtful and generous of you to take the time to give details about the books. I just got Girl on the Train from the library. Orphan Train really moved me. Loved it. Love to read, but I don't see as much when I read-- but that's okay.


I read The Girl on the Train and found it spellbinding. You're right, it's a lot like Gone Girl but without all the excess language (which, IMHO, was unnecessary as it really didn't add or flesh out the story line).

Diane Linford

I'm one who really likes it when you post your books. I'm an avid reader too. I'm always happy to have new suggestions.

I have to say I finished Union Street Bakery, but it was just okay. You didn't miss much. I use to have to finish every book I started. Not any more! Time is too valuable to waste it on something I don't like.


Loved the book reviews. I have to admit I read your blog often, but I'm not sure I've ever commented. Today is the day I guess! I have read many of the books you listed, but I have several written down now that I missed. I'm curious how you choose what you read. Some days I really have a struggle to decide if I'm going to sew or read. Are you one of those late into the night readers?? Orphan Train was especially interesting to me as my grandfather was one of those kids. I enjoyed Union Street Bakery as a light fluffy read that went rather quickly. I look forward to your next review. (As well as all of your quilty posts!


I just checked out your book post - what gems! I, along with husband and son also read 'All the light we cannot see' and all agreed it was the best book we'd read in a while (if not ever). Thanks for the tips and pics of your beautiful works in progress too.


I finished reading All the Light We Cannot See last night. I've been thinking of Werner and Marie-Laure all day and was sad when I came home tonight that I'm done with their story. I'm so glad you feel the same I I do about the book! Thank you for the list.

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