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April 17, 2015


Barbara Anne

Well, isn't this block just the cat's pajamas?! I can see why it delights your adventurous soul. The enlarged picture shows how much braver you got as you made more blocks: two different "fan blade" fabrics in one block and a striped fabric for the "fan blades" in another block. Well done!


Susan B

These look fantastic!! You are one busy woman!! I need to start working again on The Circle Game pattern of Jen's-I have almost half of the blocks done and they're very labor intensive. Thanks for today's inspiration


Fantastic fun, indeed! These are looking great. I rarely work with brights or black and white, but when I do, it always makes me smile:)

Mary Kastner

very cool blocks. those Australian quilters just amaze me to no end. they put so much into their quilts. I love it!



My girlfriend talks about these all the time! I can see why...they are cool looking! Well done. Like!


These blocks are just great and how fun is it to use so many fabrics in the blocks. This will be a spectacular quilt!!!

Nancy Watkins

Love the blocks. They look like fun! I love all the scrappy colors, a nice change from Civil War etc. I find myself leaning towards fabric like this more and more. Forge on!


I love her Sweet Tea and Green Beans quilt! Have the pattern and now I just need to start it (but I have the pattern for a while now ... I think it might me take a while longer to start it;-)

Wendy T.

I discovered Jenn Kingwell a while ago and there isn't one thing of hers I do not love! Thanks for the heads up on her new line of fabric coming out Nicole!

Hope Campbell

I really need to try something new, like curves. I love these blocks. You inspire me.

Becky T

I know it ages the hell out of me but those blocks look sooooo much like the test patterns that the "television" had before the stations ( all three of them mind you) came on in the morning and when they shut off at night.

Debbie R.

Fab-u-lous!! And they look so fun and fresh!! Carry on with your steam-punking. We can't wait to see more.


Love how your blocks are turning out! Can't wait to see them all :)


I love this block. Do you or any of your readers know where to get the templates?


Amitie in Melbourne (Aus) would sell the templates. Don't know who sells them in US. Love your blocks Nicole - all of Jen's designs are fantastic.


i love the denyse schmidt fabrics in this block! perfect! ;p

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