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April 15, 2015



Gorgeous, gorgeous quilt. I like the KT fabrics, but like you, I always make sure that I use some of her lighter fabrics to keep it from being overly dark.

Barbara Anne

Applause, applause once more! You are on a delightfully satisfying roll, girl!

This quilt's fabrics and colors are so harmonious and the overall look is wonderful, You and Sara did well in choosing the fabrics and layout.

At the beginning of one of the early Little Quilts books, there is a photo of fabrics in colors they suggest work well to add to most scrap quilts for added zing. You do this quite well even if you never ever read that page.


Lisa D.

This turned out great - how can he NOT love it?


I am about to embark on a maiden voyage of making patio chair cushion covers. I have a plan, but I am curious to know how you did yours? Did you put zippers in them? They look great!

Mary Kastner

Good looking quilt and looks masculine as well. What a wonderful gift! great job.


Nancy Watkins

He will love this quilt! Looks great! You get so much done that I am going to start calling you Wonder Woman! 😀

Quilter Kathy

It is amazing... I love it!

Jennifer Gwyn

I love the illusion effect of this pattern. I know Jeff will love it. Non-quilters usually don't realize the time, effort (and cost) it takes for a quilt - but that isn't why we do these for our loved ones. I happily give away most of my quilts - I just really enjoy the process of making it and hoping they will treasure them.


Your quilt looks great! I'm sure your duaghter's friend will love and treasure it:-)

Laura @ Prairie Sewn Studios

Looks lovely! The colors make it feel like a warm and comforting quilt.

Kellie from Indiana

Hi Nicole, I just found your blog two weeks ago. I had seen you got into Kim Diehl a few months back. I was gonna email you a pic of a Diehl top I just finished but cant find your email! I so love your blog and the work youve done. Im glad you have not gone full modern yet because I think your choices and style in traditional are brilliant! Wish I found your blog years ago!

Vic in NH

Jeff's quilt is a real winner, but I was delighted to read further back into your posts to see you solve your setting triangles dilemma with style. I love the scrappy look! good job!


You ARE on a roll with finishes this week! Way to go! This one turned out so nicely--he's bound to be crazy about it!

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