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April 16, 2015



It just says -- 'snuggle up' it.

Barbara Anne

YES!! This quilt is a charmer, for sure, and your bright idea to have a variety of colors for the setting triangles was definitely spot on. Applause, applause! The loved one who receives this quilt will feel the love it holds.

May I ask how large the blocks are?



Awesome quilt Nicole! The multi-color border just makes it sing!

Susan B

Beautiful!! Great idea for scrappy setting triangles- you're always so inspiring


Your beautiful quilt will wrap your arms around your loved one every time it's used. I'm sending good thoughts & prayers their way.

Mary Kastner

Love it- just wonderful. I dug out this pattern and it is sitting ready for me on my cutting table. you made an inspiration for me Nicole!



beautiful! hopefully, they will feel your love every time they use it, look at it, or even think about it. :)

Tracey Holzer

Doesn't it feel so very wonderful to give a precious gift like this to a hurting friend? Great job, Nicole.


Excellent! This is one of your best quilts.


It turned out just perfect with the colorful setting triangles. Wow!


It's beautiful! This quilt has such a cozy feeling I'm sure it'll be well used and loved!

Debbie R.

Congratulations on your many recent finishes! Second Hand Clothes is fabulous. You're right. Every little bit of it says "yes"! Beautiful and it sings with colour, comfort and love.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

It's lovely. And I love the name of the pattern.


Very nice finish and love this quilt....hope it brings some peace to your intended person....


You never cease to amaze me. How do you manage to make so many beautiful projects? I've followed you for a long time and you get better with "age". My main question, how do you know how much fabric you'll need? I always seem to have to order more fabric. How do you do it? I have a stash, however?

Sue Babich

Yeahh ! Another great finish ! Your on a roll now ;-)


Your quilt looks fabulous, Nicole. Whoever the lucky recipient is, I know they will cherish it.

Hope Campbell

So beautiful, I really need to make time to quilt more.


Love how this quilt turned out!


I really like how you varied the setting triangles. It really sets the top off and carries the pattern/feel to the edge.

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