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April 28, 2015



Oh I like them all together on point.........


As I was reading your blog entry into today, I was thinking about how nice those star blocks would look with sashing in between them. And lo and behold, you had a photo of that very thing. I believe that would be my favorite setting. And if it were me, I would not include the blocks that I didn't care for. You learned a color lesson by working with them, so the work wasn't in vain, but I think that if they make the quilt less appealing to you, you don't need to put them in. Remember, quilters are often very creative with their interpretation of a pattern. That is one of the many joys of this craft. Do what makes your heart happy!

Cathy Burk

I love them all together. If you use enough different colors, then they all just seem to go together. To me that's what is appealing about old quilts...out of necessity, they used what they had and their quilts were charming. On the other hand, you are the boss of your own quilt!


These blocks are very nice and look great on your like a little separation also and think sashing will do the trick...looking great!


I like the on-point setting, too, but I like the larger space that an unpieced block between them provides. Even if they don't all necessarily play well together, your blocks are fabulous!

Mary Kastner

I agree with the washing and on point. they are really pretty and the right placement of the "oddballs" may make it sparkle and focus point as well. I wish I had done these - guess I still could. I am working on a UFO list. UGH!


Mary Kastner

that would be sashing.


I like the bottom photo more so that the layout where they are separated by plain white blocks. I am a huge lover of scrappy quilts so this quilt of yours just sings to me. I love it when there is so much to look at rather than planned color schemes all the time. This quilt would look nice with a scrappy back :o)

Laura Valdez

I like the bottom picture best.

pam Hansen

Good morning Nicole,
I rather like the busy look of picture one. No chaos just an active look. Of course, the third option is lovely and still has a bright happy appearance. You seem to be at ease with this look.

Tracey Holzer

I am voting for on point with sashing, but I don't mind the altogether look either.

Barbara Anne

It's your quilt so please feel free to cast some blocks aside if that suits you best. It's not cheating because there are no quilt police!

I like the sashing setting best, too, but if they were my blocks, they would be set square as this is my favorite block and I just like it that way - for me.

You could end up with two quilts made from these delightful blocks!

Have fun choosing what to do!



I like the third choice. You might use some of the extra blocks for a pieced back--that's what I'd do! Whatever you decide, do what makes YOU happiest!
By the way, how about your friend, Thelma 'Cupcake!!' What a gorgeous winning quilt!

Stephani in N. TX

Nicole, you are the master of making things work. I like the diagonal set best as well, but what if you used a constant CW print block between the stars. Is there a fabric you have plenty of that would fit that spot, and perhaps another all-over print that would work for the triangular filler at the end of the rows? I think you are onto a great quilt with the diagonal set. One of my favorite cures for a quilt that lays out looking ordinary in just rows.

Pam O

Nicole, try taking black and white picture of blocks. It will show value which is where you can see if the blocks work. The contract is what makes a quilt work, not the color.

Sue Babich

I also like the second layout with the lattice and diagonal . Perfect :-D


I'm all for the first layout. I think with CW repro fabrics, they should be very scrappy since that's what they had on hand at the time. Individually, the blocks are a wonderful example of those CW fabrics we all love. Whatever you do, Nicole, they will be terrific.


I have a similar star quilt going with fabric exchanged at guild. Personally I love the scrappy look but a few blocks need to stay away from others as they just don't play as nicely. I love the bottom photo you have with the lattice and on point. It's making me rethink my own quilt and since I haven't sewn any blocks into rows yet I have time to play.


I love them without any sashing! I think they are just perfect being all random. really, keep them next to each other or send them to me... ;p


You could leave out all the blocks you don't like and use them for the backing. Then you 'use' them in the quilt just not for the top.Oh, and I like the bottom picture best:-)

Sherry V.

I like them all together. But, then again, I like scrappy quilts.

The lattice and on-point look is good, but, IMHO, the white looks too stark for the blocks.

You will come up with something that looks fabulous and fits your design "zone" and I will say, "yup, that is perfect!" Because that is what always happens when you are working on a project!

Happy stitching.


I would go with your third idea of putting the blocks on point with some sashing between the blocks. It's still civil war scrappy but a bit more controlled.


Not only have I fallen behind on this one but I got a new idea for how I want to set them that means I need to buy more fabric. Oh darn, buy fabric, that will be hard!

Helen storer

I agree the blocks onoint with sashing looks great

Liz S.

Oh I absolutely love those stars! and love that last photo, things on point are great!
Do you have that book Setting Solutions by Sharon Craig? Good book for when you don't know what setting to choose.

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