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April 29, 2015



I like the idea of a containment border with something fun for the outer border ... I can't wait to see what you decide to do.

Barbara Anne

Way to go, Nicole! Just two more blocks then all of those centers! Knowing you, I am certain you'll be to the arrangement stage in a trice.

I also like the idea of a containment border and suggest that black might be good for that purpose. I seldom use black for borders, but I've never regretted it when I did. It's worth an audition.

What fun!


carol fun

This is looking so good...fresh and happy! I have a stash of ,Denyse Schmidt's fabric that I've been aging for the right quilt and I think this is it! Thanks for the inspiration.

Mary Kastner

I like it a lot! can't wait to see the finish!



Really like these blocks and I could just stand there and rearrange those for quite some time....can't wait to see how they go together.

Marilynne Gossett

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Wow, just two more blocks!?! You're really fast! I know the finished quilt will look great:-)


Very cool! My favorite block is the center one in the top row!

Sue Babich

You are really going to town on these blocks !
Looking good :-D

Penny J

Seeing your blocks made me want to make one too and I just got the email today that my templates are in the mail! Can't wait to get started. Thanks!


Love those blocks! This quilt is going to be a beauty!


I love the movement these blocks create. Can't wait to see how you finish this one. It's going to be a beauty!

Paulette Doyle

AMAZING quilt!! I'm like everyone else, I can't wait to see it finished!

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