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April 13, 2015



I love,love, love scrap quilts! I usually make teeny, tiny blocks but I need a stash reducer. They say " Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"- I think I will imitate yours. It looks great!


Your light bulb moment paid off. I LOVE the scrappy border!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

Yes. Perfect.

Becky T nailed it. Great going


Brilliant! I agree that your final choice is the best one.

Mary Kastner

Yes, definitely right on target. Looks wonderful!


Barbara Anne

Applause, applause for light bulb moments that come in time to save the day! Love the scrappy setting triangles! Do you suppose the corner setting triangles should all be the same color?

I got the binding sewed on the double bed quilt AMIL made for her SIL so hope to join the binding ends today and get the quilt clips on. Progress!


Tracey Holzer

The scrappy border looks perfect!

Janine Smith

Looks great scrappy. A perfect blend of all the colors!

Stephani in N. TX

I had that idea with the second fabric you showed, but then you did all the work and led the way. Using them all - perfect. Love that pattern.

Laura Valdez

I love the look of the triangles! Great idea!

Dona Zarosinski

Bravo. Love it.


All scrappy definitely makes sense! Looking great, and you were so speedy with the piecing.


Yes! As Goldilocks would say, the scrappy setting triangles are 'just right!'

Paulette Doyle

Standing "OHHHHHHHH" for you!

Patty Fowl

Love it!!


Yes, you got it JUST right!!! LOVE it!


I like it best with all the different colors of setting triangles. Brings it all together with the blocks.


Using all of the different colors was the perfect solution. It's really a way to just continue the design rather than look like separate setting triangles. Beautiful.


"You never know until you try!" I do like your final choice the best! Beautiful!

Dresden Quilter

It is looking fabulous! Great choice for the setting triangles.


Four time's the charm, right?


Absolutely the right choice! It's beautiful!

Nancy Watkins

Perfect light bulb moment! I always get upset with myself for wasting all my fabric seeing what I like best but your solution worked out great!


definitely love the multi-colored triangles. ;p

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