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May 14, 2015


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The quilt shop where I work a couple times a year only rips the wide backings since they can really be wrapped crooked. Everything else is cut with scissors. I don't rip at home because I don't like the edge you get and since I improv piece everything is off grain anyway.


My first real part-time job was in a store selling fabric and we used the fabric counter on the counter..ran the fabric through and then press a lever that clipped it at the desired amount and took it out and ripped it... very straight..however I am not a fan of ripping fat quarters or fabric with dots or stripes since a thread or two can pull the design catywhompus!

Lynne Morris

I have always been a ripper. Comes from the sewing class I took back in 1960 in Jr. High. I rip when I am told not to, It works for me.

But if you rip, be careful. I managed to get a small tear in my left shoulder rotator cuff from ripping and am paying the price with arthritis in that shoulder from it. Not bad enough for surgery, but bad enough to curtail my swimming (my favorite exercise)

Quilter Kathy

I only rip for rugmaking, and I don't like the sound. It makes me cringe and I don't even know why!


I have a question about ripping giving you a straight of grain line. Why is it when you rip, the selvages do not line up? I used to line up the ripped edges and let the selvages fall where they my, but then I started reading on the Internet, that you should line up the selvage edges when cutting fabric.
So which is right?

linda bishop

I am a big fan of ripping fabrics. It's all very well to say cut only, but what if the shop has not wound the fabric on the board straight on grain. I am a LA quilter. It drives me crazy when I am sent backing fabrics that are way out of whack. The wider the fabric the worse the problem becomes. I like to rip the ends to make sure the quilt back goes on straight to grain. Sometimes I loose as much as 6" because the fabric is so badly cut. Some people whinge about fabric damage but i would rather buy an extra 10cm and have my fabric ripped.

Just my five pennies worth


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