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May 11, 2015



You've got your test block done and your fabrics better slow down a little bit so you don't get too far ahead of yourself on your eight year project...hehe

Barbara Anne

Well done on your first block and the fabric pairings and cutting. You're on your way and this quilt will be well worth the extra thought and effort you're putting into it.

As fast as you sew everything, I wonder how many blocks you'll have finished by the end of the week? Enjoy the process!


Sandy M

I finally chose my fabrics and had everything lined up when I decided to give the templates a try and do a test quadrant out of some scrap fabric... Well... I shaved off a good chunk of my finger. I strongly believe in signs and so after I got the bleeding under control I put it all away for another time... I'll be enjoying watching you all do your thing on this one. LOL!


Don't think I have the patience to try this, but when you finish, this will be a fabulous quilt. Also, love your choice of fabric so far. This seems like a pattern that can't be rushed.


This weekend I've discovered that I don't like curved piecing therefore changed two blocks form the Green Tea and Sweet Beans pattern. Now I wonder if I should a dresden plate to the quilt would surely made a nice block. And I even have the Dresden template:-)


these are going to look great...........

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